A New Gathering for Serious Joy


God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. Since Pastor John Piper penned these words 50 years ago, untold lives have been transformed by the biblical link between the God-centeredness of God and our longing for lasting happiness.

In these days of anxiety and turmoil, we believe that it is more important than ever that we turn our attention Godward and set our minds on things above. More than that, we believe that the Godward life must be handed down from generation to generation. This Fall, join John Piper, the teachers of Desiring God, and the faculty of Bethlehem College & Seminary for a new, two-day interactive gathering at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Together we will plumb the depths of God’s greatest pleasures: his happiness in himself, in his sovereignty, in his creation, in the gospel of his Son, and in our faith, obedience, and worship.

We will have interactive workshops with content geared for students, for parents, for church leaders, for men, and for women. Bethlehem faculty will lead extended sessions that mine the great books and the Greatest Book. The teachers from Desiring God will lead a special writer’s workshop for those of all ages who aspire to communicate clearly and beautifully through the written word. And all of it will be oriented by God-centered worship, Christ-exalting teaching, and Spirit-bound fellowship and camaraderie in the gospel.

So if you share our passion for God’s supremacy in all things, we invite you to come. Parents, bring your teenagers. Pastors, bring your people. Everyone, bring a friend. Come to Bethlehem and let’s gladly go Godward together.