Great is Thy Faithfulness


One of the many graces that come from believing whole-heartedly in the sovereignty of God, is that when change comes, we need not be daunted by it.  We can rest securely in the knowledge that the Lord is in control of all things and, therefore, we can know without a doubt that whatever change we are facing is all part of the Lord’s will for us.  That’s why I can embrace the change that this letter is announcing. While I would not have chosen this change for Bethlehem College & Seminary (and for me personally), I can rejoice that the Lord is at work in wonderful ways among us.

Dr. Jason DeRouchie, our Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, has accepted a faculty position at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and will begin his work there this fall.  We will miss him and his family as they have become dear to us personally, and they have contributed so much to Bethlehem College & Seminary during his ten years on our faculty. He has exemplified precisely what we desire of our faculty members—loving teaching, loving students, loving Jesus, and loving the Word of God.  We hire faculty who see themselves as pastor-professors. They care as much about the souls of our students as they do their minds. Dr. DeRouchie has fit that profile beautifully.

As he and his family prepare to move over the next few months to their new ministry, we pray for the Lord’s blessings on them and ask you to pray for them as well.  And, at the same time, we give resounding thanks to the Lord for the ten years they have spent ministering at our school and we know that their labors here will bear fruit for many years to come. You can read a letter from him and his wife here.

Rejoicing in the goodness and mercy of the Lord,


Tim Tomlinson

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the DeRouchie family during their transition this summer and pray for house hunting as well as church hunting as they get settled.
  2. Please pray for our adjustments at Bethlehem College & Seminary as we begin the process of searching for a new Old Testament professor.  Pray that the Lord would bring us an outstanding faculty member to take over this important role.
  3. Pray also for a strong finish financially for us.  We are getting ever closer to meeting our budget need and we’re praying that the Lord would meet it in abundance!
  4. Pray for the admissions office as they continue to work with prospective students.  Pray that our college cohorts would be filled with strong students who love the Lord deeply and long to be prepared for a lifetime of seeking to give glory to God in all areas of life.