The Habits of Mind and Heart


Truly well-educated people have the habits of mind and heart to go on learning what they need to learn to live in a Christ-exalting way for the rest of their lives—in whatever sphere of life they pursue.

These habits apply to all objects in the world, but most importantly the Bible.


Our teaching is designed to allow students to see for themselves. They must keep looking until they see things they did not see at first — in the Word and in the world.


We aim to think the author’s thoughts after him. Otherwise, education simply becomes a reflection of our own ignorance.


We believe there is such  thing as truth, and that with the compass of the Scriptures and the help of the Spirit, we can know it.


Since God is glorified in our emotional response to his glory and not just by seeing it, and understanding it, and evaluating it, we cannot be indifferent to the emotional life of the students.


A well-educated person is growing in the wise application to life of all he learns.


Our aim at Bethlehem College & Seminary is to cultivate habits of the heart and mind that help students express the truth they have discovered, so that its accuracy, clarity, truthfulness, preciousness, and helpfulness are manifest.

Excerpted from Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper, Th.D., Chancellor and Professor of Biblical Exegesis