The Bethlehem College House System


The Bethlehem House System enriches college student life by fostering a community that promotes spiritual growth, academic flourishing, and leadership development. Each incoming college student is assigned to a gender-specific, non-residential “house,” which meets regularly to deepen friendships and strengthen each other’s faith through life together, events, and competition with other houses. We are trying to shape you into a certain kind of person. These houses were named by student founders after historic figures who exemplify the life of Christian witness—with wisdom and wonder—that we aim to inspire.

Theologian and Philosopher

Ordered Love, Chastity, and Friendship

Jonathan Edwards
Revivalist Preacher

Steadfastness, Honor, and Joyful Service

C. S. Lewis
Author and Christian Apologist

Courage, Meekness, and Joy

Ann Dutton
Poet and Calvinist Writer on Religion

Honesty, Humility, and Hospitality


Honesty, Confidence, and Faithfulness

Elisabeth Elliot
Missionary and Author

Wholeheartedness, Modesty, and Grit