The Bethlehem College House System serves the mission of Bethlehem College & Seminary by fostering a community that promotes spiritual growth, academic flourishing, and leadership development.

Every year when new students matriculate they are “sorted” into gender-specific, non-residential “houses” of 15-20 students. Each house is a coherent identity, not a physical residence, associated with a historical figure who represents values and ethos cherished by Bethlehem. There are currently 3 female houses named after Perpetua, Ann Dutton, and Elizabeth Elliot; as well as 3 male houses named after Augustine, Jonathon Edwards, and C.S. Lewis.

Houses meet regularly to deepen relationships, encourage academic and spiritual flourishing, and compete with the other Houses in various types of competition. While participating in college-wide events and competitions, each house aims to develop its own unique life together.

Every spring each house elects its own officers: Head of House, Steward, and Advocate. At least one invested mentor (or couple) connected to the college serve as house advisors, offering additional guidance and training. The House Advance Team, a group of faculty and staff, oversee the entire House System providing vision and long-term planning.