Betsy Howard Named Assistant Professor of Literature


Bethlehem College & Seminary has named Betsy Howard, M.A., to the position of Assistant Professor of Literature.

“This is a move we’ve been wanting to make for some time now. We are very glad to have Professor Howard join our faculty, as she brings much knowledge, ability, and competence to her discipline as well as a humble and faithful spirit through her vibrant faith in Christ, which is infectious. Betsy is a keen thinker and an excellent writer, and she will be a blessing to our students and to our school,” said President Tomlinson.

Professor Howard is presently serving Bethlehem College & Seminary as Adjunct Instructor of Literature as she works to complete her doctorate in English at the University of Minnesota.

Betsy Howard is well-familiar to the Bethlehem College & Seminary community. In 2012, she moved here with her husband, Zach, when he joined the seminary. During that season she played an integral role in preparing the self-study documentation that led to the school receiving accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. When Zach later joined the Bethlehem College & Seminary faculty, she began raising three young daughters, pursued her own graduate studies, and remained folded into church and school life at Bethlehem. She also founded Artos, the Bethlehem College & Seminary student literary journal.

President-Elect Joe Rigney said, “Betsy Howard is a brilliant thinker with a deep love for Jesus and an infectious love for Great Books and the Greatest Book. I couldn’t be more excited about adding her to our faculty.”

Professor Howard is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota and is completing her doctoral dissertation, “The Labor of the Elegies in the Long Nineteenth Century.” She earned an M.A. in English from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul in 2014. She graduated as Hillsdale College’s valedictorian in 2010 with a B.A. in English, Religion, and Spanish. As an adjunct on the Bethlehem College & Seminary faculty she taught courses on Renaissance and Medieval Literature, English Poetry, Ancient Epics, and Grammar. She is a member of the North American Victorian Studies Association, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Society, Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, and the International Hopkins Society. Her work has appeared in numerous books and academic journals, including Victorian Poetry and Religion and the Arts.

The Howards are members of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus.