Associate Pastor


Stonebridge Church

Boone, IA United States

• Humble
o Authentic- transparent and vulnerable regarding struggles and weaknesses
o Teachable- handle critique and correction well
o Team Player- gladly celebrate the “we” and not “me”
o Serve- take on work outside responsibilities for the good of the team and church family
• Hungry
o Candid- offer thoughtful and candid input
o Holy discontent- reject the status quo and want to make things better
o Expand your box- look for opportunities to grow gifts, capacity, and responsibilities
• Warm
o Listen well- active listener and draw people people out with questions
o Chemistry- warm, wise, and joy-giving personality and presence
o Peace-maker- take immediate action to resolve unnecessary relational tension

These values are how we strive to fulfill our responsibilities. As a staff team we value accountability to these traits and
expect each staff member to continually grow in all of these areas.

Direct Supervisor: Lead Pastor
• As a member of the Stonebridge Staff you are part of a team. Your Direct Supervisor is in place to coach
toward strong character, ministry competence, and Staff Values.

JOB SUMMARY: Youth Ministry & Pastoral
o Provide vision, organization, and pastoral shepherding for the youth ministry (6th-12th grades)
o Provide pastoral shepherding to youth students
o Recruit, train, equip, and encourage youth leaders
o Prepare and preach approximately 1/3 of the Sunday messages
o Serve on the Elder team to help lead and shepherd our church family
o Live in, love, and engage Boone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
o Other duties as assigned
o Worship Leader
o Children’s Ministry Leader

Additionally, by joining the Stonebridge Staff team you and your spouse are automatically approved as Members of
Stonebridge Church. As staff and members, you will be placed under the leadership and shepherding of the Elders and
expected to lead the way in Celebrating, Connecting, and Contributing.

If interested, e-mail Pastor Matt at [email protected]

Handout: JOB DESCRIPTION- Associate Pastor.pdf