Associate Pastor


Christ Church of South Metro Atlanta

Tyrone, GA

Position Announcement
Christ Church is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor to join our staff. Christ Church was planted in January 2022 by 55 charter members in the south metro Atlanta area. Christ Church aims to become a maturing and growing community of Christians who together live all of life in light of the gospel. We want to be a local fellowship that treasures Christ over all things, matures in Christlikeness with one another, and spreads the glory of Christ near and far. At this point in the life of our church, this position is intended to provide a key co-laborer for our senior pastor that this church family may continue to be built up in maturity and become a hub for training and sending gospel workers.


Character and Experience
Potential candidates must:

1) meet the Biblical qualifications of an elder (1 Tim 3, Titus 1),

2) have prior pastoral ministry experience (5-7 years preferred) including an M.Div (or equivalent) from a like-minded seminary,

3) have a humble, teachable, unifying, and supporting spirit,

4) agree to the church’s documents (Elder Affirmation of Faith, Church Covenant, Constitution),

5) demonstrate sufficient training and skill in biblical teaching.


Job Overview
Generally, the associate pastor will work closely with the senior pastor to joyfully and faithfully shepherd the flock of Christ Church. The associate pastor will aim to feed, lead, care for, and equip the saints for the work of ministry. Much of the specifics will be developed according to the associate pastor’s giftings. His duties will include:

1. Shepherding Leadership. The associate pastor will build meaningful relationships with the congregation, seeking to encourage them in the Lord and care for them in times of need. He will seek to know and be known by the flock so as to serve as a model for them in their walk with Christ. He will be present at all main church gatherings and help provide leadership in those settings. He will also be committed to praying for the saints of Christ Church regularly. He will also help develop a sustainable structure of shepherding and fellowship ministry across the life of our church. He must be the kind of man that has a selfless heart for people who considers the needs of others more than his own. He must be a people person in the sense that he is energized by being around others. He must also be able to relate to a variety of age demographics and personality types.

2. Equipping and Teaching. The associate pastor will have a significant word ministry throughout the life of our church family. The scope and context of his word ministry will be determined according to his giftings. He will provide leadership for adult discipleship structures, including identifying, training, and supporting cohort leaders, as well as developing summer discipleship plans and ministries with the senior pastor. He will also have opportunities to equip the saints in other various contexts (ie Foundation Fellowship, teaching at workshops, elder training, etc.). He will develop and oversee our Family Ministries, including our Family Ministry Nights. He will therefore need to be able to teach God’s word clearly and faithfully. He will need to be a man of confidence and humility in order to effectively lead and communicate. He will also need to be able to effectively delegate so that the body may build itself up.

3. Administrative Leadership. The associate pastor will help ensure that we keep good records through our church management softwares. He will help provide support and leadership for our service teams. He will seek to work with the senior pastor in strengthening the administrative side of the church in order that the work of gospel ministry may increasingly flourish. He must therefore be a man who is organized and punctual. He must be able to plan and strategize in advance and follow through on implementing in order to achieve ministry goals.

Pay Salary
The Associate Pastor will be provided an annual salary of between $65,000 to $75,000 (depending on education and work experience) plus benefits (healthcare and retirement).

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying, please send your resumé and contact information to Pastor Zach Fallon at: [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

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