Church Planter


Renovation Church

Blaine, Minnesota

Renovation Church is looking for church planters who are passionate about changing lives and communities in Minnesota. We are looking for entrepreneurial type leaders who are excellent communicators, visionary leaders, evangelists, and passionate about reaching people for Christ and discipling them.

If you were selected to plant a church out of Renovation Church, it would be your own autonomous church (vision, values, & DNA). We would provide you with both resources and expertise to plant your church. We have already planted 5 churches out of our church, and are looking for our 6th, 7th, and 8th church planters.

We help church planters by giving them:

1) Personalized Coaching (our systems have been proven to work, and our churches are growing and reaching people for Christ)
2) Financial Resources (we put aside 5% of our offerings, so we can have funds to aide you in starting your church)
3) People for your Launch Team (each time we plant, we give a portion of our people to help increase the size of your launch team)

We are looking to plant our next few churches anywhere in the Twin Cities metro area, but are open to other locations in Greater Minnesota. If this position sounds like it might be a great fit for you, please contact Renovation Church’s Lead Pastor, David Sorn, at [email protected]