Church Planting Resident



Sheboygan, WI

Basic Function
This church planting resident role is designed to give candidates an opportunity to get hands-on church planting and leadership experience as they wrestle through a call to church planting. The ideal candidate would have previous ministry and/or pastoral experience. The initial residency period will last 12 months. Upon successful completion of the residency (and if mutually agreed upon by Crossroads and the candidate) the candidate would then be brought on staff as a church planter for the purpose of preparing to launch a future Crossroads campus.
About Crossroads Community Church
Crossroads Community Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin began in 2006 as a small church plant meeting in a movie theater. Seeing how God used those humble beginnings fuels our passion to plant more and more churches for the purpose of spreading the Gospel to the southeast lakeshore region and beyond. Ten years after starting our Sheboygan campus, we launched our second campus in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in October of 2016. Our goal is to plant two more campuses by April 2026 and build a pipeline of church planters through this inaugural residency program.
Crossroads Community Church 4321 County Road A Sheboygan, WI 53081
P: 920-694-1552
E: [email protected]
Overview of Church Planting Residency
Our desire is to provide a practical, well-rounded church planting resident experience that will engage the HEAD, HEART and HANDS of the selected candidate.
• HEAD: We will challenge you to grow intellectually and through a simple curriculum and ongoing mentorship.
• HEART: We want to inspire your heart for God’s people and grow your personal love and devotion for Christ throughout this entire process.
• HANDS: We want to give you a hands-on experience in ministry…get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

Specific Ministry Responsibilities:
Some of the experiences and activities you will likely be called upon to do in this internship include:
Ø Counseling/Discipleship
Ø Personal Evangelism
Ø Involvement on and leadership of ministry teams
Ø Preaching and teaching
Ø Sunday programming & sermon planning
Ø Vision casting and public speaking
Ø Conflict resolution
Ø Mentoring/coaching others
Ø Helping officiate weddings and funerals
Ø Baptizing born-again believers
Ø Time with current Manitowoc campus church plant
Ø Community-specific ground work and demographic research Ø Reading/study of ministry-related books and resources
There will be weekly updates with various staff and pastoral mentors and monthly updates with the Senior Pastor. There will be various assessments throughout the process to help the resident discern their spiritual gifts and strengths and evaluate how this lines up with full-time, vocational ministry and specifically church planting. After an 8 to 9-month period, Crossroads and the resident will meet and evaluate the resident’s sense of calling to church planting and help them map out next steps at the conclusion of the internship.
• We are hopeful that at the conclusion of this residency that both the resident and Crossroads will be in mutual alignment that church planting is the right next step for the candidate. There will be various assessments throughout the process to help the resident discern their spiritual gifts and strengths, readiness to church plant and compatibility with the church culture of Crossroads. One of the key purposes of the residency is for Crossroads to get to know the resident and for the resident to get to know the culture of Crossroads to determine if church planting together is a good fit.
• It is possible that a candidate may reach the end of this residency and decide that church planting is not the right next step for them, yet they do feel a strong call to vocational ministry. Should this occur, the candidate is welcome to explore a pastoral or ministry position that may happen to be open at either of our campuses at such time. However, the candidate should understand there are no promises of such a role being available and having served as a church planting resident does not guarantee them a staff position should one even become open.
• Should the candidate not wish to pursue church planting or vocational ministry and/or there is not an open role at Crossroads that candidate would be suited for, Crossroads will work with the resident to help transition out of their residency role over the next few months into what God has next for them.
• It is possible that the leadership at Crossroads may decide that the resident does not fit the culture of Crossroads or doesn’t possess the necessary gifting and aptitude to be a church planter with Crossroads. Crossroads will work with the resident to help transition out of their residency role over the next few months into what God has next for them. As such, there are no promises for full-time employment or approving the resident as an official church planter at Crossroads at the conclusion of the residency period.

Personal Qualifications Required:
• Born-again believer saved by grace and has practiced believer’s baptism.
• Must maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study,
prayer, and time spent contemplating God’s Word.
• Must maintain proper priorities in the home.
• Commits to the principle of tithing 10% of gross income and does/will financially support the
ministries of Crossroads Community Church by the giving of their first fruits.
• Currently plugged in and serving in a local faith family (this includes regular attendance,
serving/leading, giving and involvement in a LifeGroup (small group.)
Strengths, Giftedness, Experience, & Miscellaneous Requirements:
• Prior ministry experience required. (NOTE: prior experience need not be vocational in nature, but candidate should be leading as a lay minister in a local church or ministry at a minimum.)
• Candidate is convinced of their call to vocation ministry and now strongly sensing a call to church planting.
• There should be a burden for the lost and a passion to see God’s Kingdom expand through church planting.
• Interest in pursuing ministry as a vocation with gifts/interests in preaching, leadership and evangelism.
• Willingness to move to a new-to-you community to launch a potential church plant at the conclusion of this residency.
• Possesses a shepherd’s heart and a Christ-centered love for people.
• A passion for the Kingdom of God and a passionate desire to see others experience Kingdom life
must be clear from past experiences.
• Possesses a demonstrated leadership ability and is willing to continue to develop as a leader.
• Has a demonstrated level of teachability and humility.
• Regardless of areas of giftedness, must still have a heart for outreach. Must be consistently pursuing
and fostering personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church for purposes of
winning others to Christ. Demonstrates this as a priority to others.
• Understands ministry is not a “9 to 5 job” and is willing to dedicate a minimum of two nights per
week to ministry-related activities. Night demands are balanced with flexibility that is present with
the position so as to promote a healthy work/life balance.
• If a current member, candidate actively lives out and models for the church a strong commitment to
the mission, vision, and values of Crossroads.
• Agrees fully with the Converge Great Lakes Statement, as well as the Crossroads Community Church
Statement of Faith.
• Commits to resolve conflict via Biblical guidelines spelled out in Matthew.
• Understands confidentiality is a MUST – takes very seriously the importance of maintaining
confidentiality – commits to keep information confidential, including from family and close friends.
• Must be a person people can relate to and find easy to approach with their questions or concerns.
• Comfortable with boldly recruiting and skillfully training volunteers.
• Organizational and administrative skills.
• Basic software skills are required. Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.

• A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Christian school and/or graduate degree from an accredited seminary is preferred but not required. However, ideal candidates will already have some theological training and will be prepared to speak to how they obtained such training and how they intend to obtain additional training if necessary.
• Willingness to raise $15K of your salary through support raising before the start date of your internship. This must come from multiple donors (a minimum of 10 households) and cannot be self- funded. Since support raising is a crucial tool for successful church planting, this experience offers training and exposure to this process.
Relationships and Contacts:
• Reports to the Staff Pastor and Senior Pastor.
• Frequent contact with ministry leaders as they work through their residency.
• Works closely with other staff members (including ongoing mentorship by various staff members
throughout the residency.)
• Reports out to the Elder/Pastoral Leadership Team as requested.
• Works with outside contacts to continually examine and improve the effectiveness of the ministries
they are involved in at Crossroads.
• Must be intentional about building relationships with people within the Crossroads congregation
and expected to be in attendance at Sunday service on a consistent basis.
• Builds relationships with various community leaders in prospective communities where resident
may be calling led to do a church plant.

How to Apply:
If you desire to be considered for this internship, please submit the following to Crossroads by June 5, 2022: [email protected]
• Cover letter
• Resume
• Two reference letters
• Video: Your salvation testimony/story in 3-5 minutes (please share via
• Video: Why do you believe God is calling you to church planting (2-3 minutes) (please share via
• Video: Why you believe this residency is the best next step for you (2-3 minutes) (please share
• Final candidate(s) would go through the Converge Church Planting Assessment for the purpose
of evaluating them as future church planters. Crossroads would cover expenses and travel for this assessment. A confirming/affirming recommendation from the assessment center is a pre- requisite before beginning this residency.