Director of Youth and Outreach


Urban Harvest Fellowship

North Little Rock, AR USA

Job Description for the Director of Youth & Community Outreach*

Aim:  To spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ by overseeing the spiritual formation of youth and intersecting that with outreach to the community.

Qualifications and Requirements:  The Director of Youth & Community Outreach (from here on referred to merely as “minister”) will be expected to joyfully minister in a way that is consistent with the vision, values and distinctives of Urban Harvest Fellowship.  He should endeavor to experience and maintain the joyful camaraderie and creative complementation of gifts and ministries of the Pastor for Preaching & Mobilization, the Council of Elders, Deacons and other leaders.

He will be a member in good standing at UHF. If not a member when called by the church, he will complete the process within three months of the date when employment begins. Beyond the doctrinal and ethical implications in embracing our Affirmation of Faith and our Church Covenant (implicit in membership), the minister will manifest a hearty support for the leadership of the church in general and specifically for that of the Pastor for Preaching & Mobilization.

He shall have a good grasp and hearty endorsement of the biblical and theological orientation of the leadership of UHF as expressed in the UHF Elder Affirmation of Faith. The Minister must exhibit spiritual formation and character traits of a minister or deacon described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.  He must also bear the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22. He should be wise, discerning, decisive, sensitive, tender, and firm. He should be a man of prayer and a man of the Word, sensitive to what the Spirit is saying to UHF. He should devote himself to daily prayer and Bible reading for the sake of guarding himself from sin and stirring up his heart and mind to renewed passion for Christ.  He should also lead his family regularly in scheduled times of instruction from the word and pursuit of God in prayer.

The minister must exhibit growth and development as a leader, collaborator, teacher, problem solver and peacemaker (this assumes a work in progress, being weaker or stronger in some areas than others).

Personal Skills:

Leadership – the minister should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (whether individual, small groups or large groups) in such a way that Jesus Christ and His Gospel are central. He should be a self-starter and an initiative taker.

Teacher/Equipper—the minister should be able to rightly divide the Word of God and effectively “equip the saints for the work of the ministry,” particularly in his given areas of service.  This not only includes effective instruction and demonstration but also wise recruiting and delegation (i.e., he should discern and utilize those whom God raises up).

Relational—the minister should have a heart to care for people, not just manage systems; such drive should manifest itself in the appropriation of time.

Administrative Organizer—while seeking mainly to shepherd people, the minister should have the skill set and ability to effectively manage the various administrative tasks associated with his position.  He must have the organizational skills necessary to effectively complete tasks for building up the church in a life-giving way.

Communicator—the minister should be able to clearly and concisely communicate the aims and decisions of the leadership to the congregation and the needs of the congregation to the leadership.  He must be able to communicate the values and distinctives of UHF so that the over-arching vision of the church permeates the congregation through his specific areas of service.

Peacemaker—the minister should be able to tactfully and winsomely unite people with varying perspectives to advance harmony and love and to achieve common goals.

Spiritual Formation and Accountability—Grow in the grace and knowledge of God…

By maintaining a devotional life of prayer and meditation on the word.
By the spiritual discipline of faith-enrichment through reading and study.
By engagement in personal and corporate worship.
By regularly participating in mutual care and accountability with other believers through at least one small-group, discipleship gathering.
By regularly participating in spreading through at least one local outreach initiative.
By meeting weekly with the Pastor for Preaching & Mobilization for prayer and strengthening/mentoring.
By reporting weekly to the Pastor for Preaching & Mobilization or designated elder for updates and accountability.
By willingly attending any required staff and/or leadership meetings.
* This job description borrowed heavily from a similar job description at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Responsibilities for Youth

(These responsibilities assume some measure of delegation and guidance)

Oversee, lead, and share the teaching load for youth gatherings.
Secure Elder-approved curriculum or content for instruction in youth gatherings.
Identify and recruit Elder-approved volunteers to share the teaching load, to lead small groups, and to oversee recreation, retreats, and events.
Look for ways to organically unite entire households for prayer and fellowship.
Pursue our youth outside of the gathered-church environment.
Be deliberate about mobilizing youth into spreading the gospel.

Responsibilities for Outreach

(These responsibilities assume some measure of delegation and guidance)

Identify and participate in outreach venues that already exist at UHF.
Identify and establish new platforms of outreach in the Rose City community and elsewhere that will welcome explicit gospel witness.
Equip and mobilize UHF youth into venues and outreach efforts that best suit their spiritual maturity and season of life.
Collaborate with the Pastor for Preaching & Mobilization to create weekly, monthly, and annual uses of the gymnasium that strategically intersect our youth and congregation with the poor minority community around us.
Collaborate with the Pastor for Preaching & Mobilization to create “household rules” and policies for all uses of the gymnasium.
Plan, lead, and oversee the preparation for and execution of our annual “Go Harvest” summer outreach.

Areas of Miscellaneous Service (may include but are not limited to)

Participate in preaching and teaching from the pulpit, as the need arises and as time permits.
Attend elder meetings to take minutes and participate in discussions, as requested.
Assist with any critical shepherding moments when available (e.g., hospital visit).
Assist with any routine duties in the life of the church, as needed (e.g., opening and closing the facility when our deacons are detained).
Help oversee the reproduction of our New Member Manuals.
Share in the implementation of outreach initiatives or events under the guidance of our Elder Council.
Complete any other duties assigned by your supervising Pastor/Elder and participate in any other strategic meetings, as available and as needed.

All interested candidates may email resumes, letters of intent, and any social media links that demonstrate a match for the position to [email protected]

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