Executive Pastor


Heritage Bible Church

Greenville, South Carolina

Heritage Bible Church is a non-denominational church located in the growing and strategic Greenville area in South Carolina. In dependence upon our Lord, we are searching for a man to help lead our church in the strategic role of executive pastor. We have been well served by our current executive pastor who will retire soon after twenty-five years of pastoring in various roles on our staff.

We are home to about 450 members and 800 in regular attendance, including all ages. Believer’s baptism following conversion is a requirement for membership. We’re elder-led with about 15 elders, lay and staff, and we reserve the language of elder/pastor for those who hold the office. You’ll find us on the 9Marks and TGC church searches. We also partner with Simeon Trust for teacher and preacher training.

For a job description and detailed profile of our church, visit our Executive Pastor Search page at https://heritagebiblechurch.org/job-searches/