Lead Pastor


Faith Community Church

New Richmond, Wisconsin United States

Abilities and Qualifications ​
Demonstrates an authentic love for God and a heart for people, both those who are Christ-followers and those far from God.
Embraces the doctrinal positions, purpose, and core values of FCC.
Relates in a healthy way to elders, pastors, other staff, and those who serve alongside.
A minimum five years’ experience providing visionary leadership, people development, and ministry deployment.
Has demonstrated ability to lead others in a God-honoring way.
Possesses a fun demeanor, demonstrates creativity, and lives out a passionate enjoyment and love for God.
Has thrived in an environment devoted to teamwork.
Is prepared to make a five-year commitment.
Master’s degree preferred.
Responsibilities Part One: Personal ​– Be a mature and growing disciple of Jesus Christ.
Grow in a contagiously joyful spiritual life through the Scriptures, prayer, and faithful obedience.
Embody physical, financial, emotional, and intellectual health.
Have healthy relationships with family members/housemates.
Be a regular participant as a part of Faith Community Church.
Be a conscientious citizen of this community and society as a whole.
Pursue personal and professional development.
Part Two: Ministry ​– Develop a vibrant walk with God that will model whole life devotion.
Visionary Leadership and Shepherding (25%)
Continually cast vision to challenge and call the church family to the purpose God has given Faith Community Church. Much of the shepherding done by the Lead Pastor will be done through other key leaders by equipping them to see and perpetuate the corporate vision.
Teaching (50%)
Serve as the point leader of the preaching team for corporate gatherings. This will involve 45% to 70% of the preaching responsibilities.
Recruit, train, and coach other teachers for our corporate gatherings. Develop and oversee a study/research team.
Provide leadership to develop our annual teaching plan and calendar.
3. Community Engagement (5%)
a. Pursue meaningful involvement in key roles to impact the community and advance the core value of “being a significant influence in our community”.
Broader Engagement (10%)
Active involvement in Converge leadership.
Active involvement in the FCC Extension Ministry.

5. Administration (10%)
It is expected that the Lead Pastor will provide leadership for the Administration of Faith Community.
Active involvement with the Elder Council.
Active involvement with the Management Team.
Part Three: Staff and Administration ​–Be fully responsive to the elder council as your supervisor, fulfilling all assignments, pursuing goals, communicating in an open and healthy way, and attending all required meetings with necessary preparation. Function in full compliance with the Faith Community Church Constitution and Employee Policies.
Scope This role will be that of Lead Pastor. As such, this role is charged with full oversight of the day-to-day function of Faith Community Church and will be part of and accountable to the Elder Council. We believe every individual would bring unique capabilities to this role. We will work to fashion this ministry description to build on God-given strengths while addressing the needs of the church family. We aim to provide as many opportunities for spiritual growth and ministry development as God opens, believing that what is best for the Kingdom of God is best for the person God calls to this ministry role and for Faith Community Church.

Candidates should apply at converge3p.com. Please visit fccnr.org for more information.