Woodland Converge Church

Ironwood, Michigan United States

Woodland Church is a Baptist church located in the Upper Peninsula of MI in Ironwood. We are a small congregation that uses an Elder Board that oversees the various Ministry Teams that have been established for the day to day running of the church.
Job description: Per the current Woodland Church Constitution: The pastor shall devote himself to the service of the church. He shall preach at church services, administer allowances, and be committed to prayer. The Pastor will moderate church business meetings, see that church records are preserved, and perform duties incumbent of this office. The Pastor shall submit a report of his work to the congregation at the annual church business meeting. The Pastor shall be a member of the Board and ex-officio member of all teams and committees. The Pastor shall work in harmony with the Converge Great Lakes Conference and Converge Worldwide, and seek to enlist the support within the church of Conference enterprises. The Pastor shall Seek to work in harmony with area Conference ministries.

To apply:

Please send Resume to [email protected]