Our church family is seeking to welcome a full-time pastor whose responsibilities will include:

⬧ Delivering biblically based sermons that are relevant, engaging, and inspiring
⬧ Ministering to the needs of our congregation through spiritual and personal guidance, teaching, admonishing, and visiting.
⬧ Serving as Moderator of our Session and helping Session members grow in faith and leadership.
⬧ Oversee worship service planning.
⬧ Administering the sacraments to all of God’s people.
⬧ Serving as head of staff
⬧ Providing support, guidance, inspiration, and encouragement to the church’s ministry teams.
⬧ Officiating at weddings and funerals
⬧ Training newly elected officers, preparing persons for membership, providing confirmation classes.
⬧ Participate in the fellowship and discipleship activities of the church.

Contact Information: Contact Scott Cole of the Pastor Nominating Committee. He will share your application with the rest of the committee, and we will get back to you. Please attach your Personal Information Form (PIF) or resume and contact information.
[email protected]

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