Pastoral Resident


Pepperell Christian Fellowship

Pepperell, MA USA

A two-year, full-time ministry residence within the congregational life of Pepperell Christian Fellowship in Pepperell, MA that encourages a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ and prepares men for ministry in New England, whether pastoring an existing church or planting a new one.

The Pepperell Christian Fellowship Pastoral Residency provides on-the-ground preparation as men transition from formal theological training at seminary (or Bible college) into church planting or pastoral ministry in a New England church. We partner with the Village Green Collective to provide coaching and preparation for planting. The aim is to develop men whose treasuring of the glory and the sovereignty of God overflows in a passion to reach the people of New England with the gospel.

PCF provides a full-time salary and health insurance for each pastoral resident. Some fund-raising may be required if anticipated living expenses exceed the salary package. PCF will provide coaching resources for fund-raising, as gathering a support team will be a great benefit for future New England ministry, whether that’s church planting or pastoring an existing church (many of which are small and lack resources).

The current resident is 2023 Bethlehem Seminary graduate, and the pastor is a graduate of its predecessor, The Bethlehem Institute.

For more information see the website, and contact our Residency Director, Andy Sweet ([email protected]).

Handout: PCF_PastoralResidency.pdf