Senior Pastor


The Rising

Arvada, Colorado Jefferson

Senior Pastor
The Rising Church Arvada, Colorado
Role Profile
The Senior Pastor is the spiritual leader of the church and is responsible to maintain a vibrant and spiritual life, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach the Bible, guard the Doctrine of the church, to engage in pastoral care, and to provide administrative leadership in all areas of church life and function. The Senior Pastor will endeavor to lead the church to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and follow the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-34 and Luke 10:27).
Key Responsibilities
Be a faithful student of the Bible who as preacher/teacher is to present well-organized, Bible-based sermons and lessons that edify, challenge, and encourage the church as well as promote the passionate worship of God.
Disciple the congregation through Bible study with the aim to develop their Christian maturity and depth of biblical understanding with life applications.
Ensure that the church maintains a focus on providing a variety of programs and initiatives that engage and involve members of every generation in fellowship, discipleship, and ministry.
Support the church’s youth and children’s ministry programs that prepare our youth and children for independent Christian adult living, foster a fellowship of believers, and promote Bible-based life choices.
Provide guidance and oversight to church committees and other teams in a manner that helps them to thrive independently.
Oversee and provide guidance to Mission Arvada. Mission Arvada is a ministry that seeks to minister to the poor, hurting, addicted, marginalized, and homeless of our community.
Lead the congregation in efforts to grow God’s Kingdom, to reach the lost and the unchurched, and live out the Great Commission.
Work with church members and attendees to help them identify their gifts and find a place to serve the Lord through ministry in the church and mission to the world.
Oversee ordinances of believer’s baptism and communion.
Preside in funerals, weddings, and child dedications.
Participate in homebound and hospital visits.
Cooperate with local, associational, state and other Christian leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern and represent the church in local civic matters.
Provide supervision and direction to all The Rising’s employees and administer corrective action to church staff when necessary, in accordance with the bylaws.
Guide and advise members with compassion while adhering to the truths of scripture.
Provide care and counseling to church members in planned life-events (e.g. pre-marital counseling) and moments of personal struggle or crisis. This may include directing members to additional resources beyond The Rising.
As a small church Pastor, be willing to step in to any role as needed.
Qualifications & Experience
Experience in ministry in a church.
Successful experience sharing leadership responsibility with staff, deacons, committee chairs, teachers, volunteers, and others.
Be willing to affiliate with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT).
Be Baptist in Doctrine and support The Rising’s Statement of Faith.
Understand and implement authority of scripture, believer’s baptism, symbolic baptism, Lord’s Supper, autonomy of the local church, and priesthood of the believer.
Graduate of an accredited seminary or divinity school with a degree or obtaining a degree in MDIV.
Experience in managing staff (primary supervisor and administrator of staff).
Demonstrated effectiveness in communicating through multiple media with church members.
Supports missions at the local, state, national and international levels.

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