Bethlehem College and Seminary Presents

Fall Lecture Series 2022

Please join us for these important messages. All lectures are free and open to the public, with dessert reception to follow.

Beckman Circle 2022

Christianity and Science

Dr. John Beckman

Associate Professor of Old Testament

Thursday, November 17 | 7–9pm

Meadow Creek Church

Join us as Dr. John Beckman considers the relationship between Christianity and Science. Is the conflict between Christianity and evolution part of a long history of Christianity and Science being in opposition? What about the imprisonment of Galileo? What should we think when science and the Bible seem to conflict? Should we ever change our interpretation of the Bible based on conclusions from science? Should we ever reject scientific conclusions because of what the Bible teaches? What, if anything, should we say about science when sharing the Gospel with someone who trusts science instead of the Bible?