The Meals of Life upon Pillars Lie


To sleep, to snore, to yearn for morn;
To rise, to yawn, to break my fast;
The food I dreamt no more forlorn;
Yet soon it’s noon and morn is past.

To jump, to play, to nap a while;
And then to wake, for lunch is set.
“All done.” Let’s play, let’s run a mile.
Yet soon, past noon, the evening’s met.

I’ve had some snacks along the way.
My dad’s come back, hugged me, again.
But now let’s dine for gone is day.
My parents pray; we say amen!

The food we eat my mom has made.
One day I will appreciate.
The moon now high, in bed I’m laid,
A blessing folks articulate.

Such is life for this small soul,
While we the old desire to grasp,
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner whole:
A time of day, a life, a gasp.