No Cause


Charged with duty, when thou didst beget me
Of protection, and provision, and love.
Yet, poisoned drink and essence captivated thee;
Title “Father” did you keep, however unworthy of.
Though cast aside, advanced was I in enmity and grief.
Love for you I declared; my duty, at least, I did perform.
Armed with sorrow and resentment, I adhered the belief
That I alone guarded myself midst the storm.
But O! How God did open up mine eyes
With love so bold died to forgive my sin.
Gazing at Lord’s love, compassion then arose.
My heart released full resentment held within.
If ever thou request of forgiveness draws,
Cordelia’s words thou shalt find: “No cause, No cause.”



Poem and photo taken from the 2017 edition of Artos, the literary journal of Bethlehem College & Seminary students. Photo by A. , B.A. ’20