Redeeming Capitalism


Earlier this semester, I entered an undergraduate classroom to teach a lesson on the origins of Capitalism, mindful that public opinion research suggests that a majority of young Americans now regard Socialism as a preferable form of economic organization.

As I lingered in the writings of Adam Smith during my preparation for this lecture, it became obvious to me that the Capitalism we know today is a deformed version of the one Smith conceived, too encrusted with cronyism, cartels, cultural decline, and restrictions on commerce forged by government-corporate collusion.

Capitalism remains, in my opinion, the economic order that has extended the greatest amount of human flourishing to the greatest number of people in history. But we are “Ecclesia semper reformanda est,” always Reformed, always reforming, even in such matters in the socioeconomic sphere.

Dr. Kenneth Barnes has authored an outstanding new book entitled Redeeming Capitalism, and will be with us on Thursday, April 25, to lecture on this important topic.  I have read the book and will come with a ream of questions of my own, but I encourage you to attend and engage Dr. Barnes, yourself.

If you have requested a ticket, we hope you will use it. If you haven’t, please consider making this a part of next week’s schedule.

His servant & yours,

Rick Segal
Distinguished Lecturer of Commerce and Vocation


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