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Our aim is to give students an intense immersion in a God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated local church that combines rigorous study with church-based application, all to the end that they might joyfully magnify the infinite worth of Jesus Christ, and live for the praise of God’s glory in reflection, thought, word, and deed.

Graduate Ready to Witness for Christ with Wisdom and Wonder for the Rest of Your Life.

Spend the next four years relishing this great truth as you mine the treasures of the Bible and consider the Great Books that have stood the test of time and resonated with human beings through the ages and around the world.


Such a biblically grounded, missions-minded, liberal arts education will help you grow in wisdom and attune you to reality so that you are ready and equipped to walk wide-eyed and joyfully in the world.

One of the lowest tuitions for Christian higher education in the U.S.

Launch upon graduation into adulthood, life, ministry, and vocation without a burden of student loan debt—financially unshackled and ready to answer immediately God’s call on your life.

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