Sobering News, Happy News, and Two Huge Requests



Sobering News
“You have an ugly growth on your Pancreas. I don’t think it’s cancer, but it’s on the way to cancer. Your pancreas is a mess. I want you to talk to the surgeon.” In the next few weeks, I will sit down with the surgeon the and finalize a plan. To be “away from the body and at home with the Lord” is “more better by much” but if there’s “more fruitful labor” that can be accomplished with more time, I trust God will give it (read with me Philippians 1).  God has given me many seasons of fruitful labor. This current season focusing on Cameroon is a gracious gift beyond my dreams. The importance and urgency of the work in this part of Africa has only increased! Enough about the sobering news of my health (except a humble request to pray). Now on to the happy news.

Happy News
I can’t think of a better way to share my happiness in what God is accomplishing in Cameroon than to ask you to hear from my Cameroonian Pastor, my boss, and my dear friend, my former Bethlehem student. Read Dieudonne’s summary of what God has graciously been doing since we began this work in 2018. You all who pray and give and encourage have been such a vital part of our labors. We need you more than ever as we move into the future with our new cohort. Let their smiling faces above inspire your prayers.

Two Huge Requests
First Request: I recently have promised that more information would be coming concerning the ministry center we need. Here is the link  about the ministry center (video animation, project purpose, history, and FAQ). We are now (almost!) ready to build. Land has been purchased, cleared, and prepared; boundary wall has been constructed; conceptual drawings are complete; construction company is now creating the final “blueprints” and refining the estimate. The shovels are ready for the ceremonial first scoop once the funds are raised. Here is my first huge request: please prayerfully consider giving as HUGE of a gift as God enables you to give (widow’s mites are cherished!) Smaller and larger gifts from Cameroonians are already flowing in. If you know generous high-capacity donors who might be open to investing in this tangible way to facilitate theological education and church-planting in Africa, please share the vision with them and direct them to Rick Segal ([email protected]). Also, share this opportunity with friends, family, small group, churches, etc.

Second Request: One of my goals in becoming “Director for Theological Education in Cameroon” with Training Leaders International (TLI) is to help recruit and coach additional long-term, on-site, French-speaking team members to unite with the Tamfus in Yaoundé and beyond. So far two families have clearly sensed God’s call. They are now officially appointed by TLI and ready to go once their support-raising is complete. My request is that you would prayerfully consider supporting them and/or encourage other churches and individuals to support them. Visit their websites: Timothée and Abigail Davi and Daniel and Christina Soukup. I couldn’t be more pleased with these two families God is raising up to join us. The sooner they arrive in Yaoundé the better!

Please pray:
This is a sober time for the Steller family. In addition to my health situation, Julie’s mom who has lived in our home with us for over 20 years had a stroke and is now in a rehabilitation home. Her condition will not permit her to return to our home. Amidst these uncertainties, God’s grace is sufficient. There is a deep peace mingled with grief. God is good. God is sovereign. God is near. Praying for you as you also navigate the tumultuous waters of life on our way to glory. Let’s together seek his Kingdom first as long as we have breath.

Love you all,

Prof. Tom Steller, M.Div.
Assoc. Professor of Biblical and Global Studies
Director of Theological Education in Cameroon

P.S. Please read all the links and intensify your prayers and your giving for the work in Cameroon. God is doing something special. We love being a part of it together with you!