Sing to Me


Maestro of darkness, he drunkens the dance,
Captured the cosmos in hypnotic trance.
Beacons of blackness have promised me sight,
Lured by their lyres that liars are right.
Sing to me.

How my heart sways to harmonious spells,
Leaving my Lover to love to rebel!
Preacher, your power has magic untapped;
Relearn to conjure and bind my heart back.
Sing to me.

Heavenly melodies dwell in the Church;
Ergo, you echo mere anthems of earth?!
Fervor and jargon, Man’s preaching is fraud.
This pew awaits to be summoned by God.
Sing to me.

Sing now of beauty, not facts and a joke;
Awaken affections and horrors and hope.
Trade in your trifles and serenade souls,
Discourse for dirges, amusement for gold.
Sing to me.

Preacher and poet and prophet are one,
Penning on pulpits, extolling God’s Son.
Score the notes well, then we will sing along:
“God, you’re my strength, my salvation, my song.”
Sing to me.


Poem by Danny Francis, MDiv ’17.