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“Music Leader” and “Worship Pastor:” What’s the Difference?

What do you call the person (besides the preacher) who is upfront for most of your church’s Sunday morning service? Let’s consider two descriptions—“music leader” and “worship pastor”—as two different ways of leading God’s people in corporate worship. MUSIC LEADERS A “music leader,” as I am using the term, is a musician who is recognized […]

The Lord is Listening

God is not required to hear us. And the fact that he chooses to hear our voices and hearts should fill us with faith. There are several reasons why we might not hear when someone calls to us. Perhaps there is something wrong with our ears. My children often wonder if, after decades of performing […]

Giving God the First Word

The pattern of Revelation and Response encapsulates how God relates to us as human beings. We would have no accurate idea about God without His self-revelation: witness the fanciful and grotesque images and imaginings about God that other religions have come up with. By His grace, God has condescended to reach into human history to […]