The Gift of Truth


I love the Christmas season.  Not only does it bring about a change from our normal routines, but it puts our eyes squarely on the deepest significance of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  This is incredible.  This is miraculous.  This is the magnificent love of God at work in history, through Jesus.  So, when we celebrate His birth in just a few days, almost all of us will celebrate, in part, by giving gifts to those in our lives who are cherished and most significant.  We give gifts to others, because we can’t give those gifts directly to Jesus, yet.  One day we will, but until then, we give our gifts to others.

So, as you give your gifts this Christmas, I want to encourage/challenge you to consider giving a gift that will not only bless the recipient in the present, but will also bless future generations as the recipient, in turn, blesses them with the gift of Truth—the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Of course, I’m talking about the Serious Joy Scholarship.  As you know, every one of our students receives a Serious Joy Scholarship to attend Bethlehem College & Seminary.  This scholarship is essential to enabling them to graduate with no debt so that they can be free to follow the calling of the Lord anywhere in the world—immediately upon graduating.

Your contribution to the Serious Joy Scholarship fund is a precious gift to our students.  It is also a gift which will continue to bear fruit for generations to come.  Think of the impact that a life-transforming education at Bethlehem College & Seminary can have!

“But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him, and his righteousness to children’s children.” (Ps 103:17)

That’s an amazing and thrilling truth. A transformed life will bless the generations that follow. Your gift to the Serious Joy Scholarship fund will very likely shower blessings to the second and third generations from now.  Now that’s a great Christmas gift!

May the Lord bless you with peace, joy, and unquenchable hope in Jesus Christ this Christmas.

Merry Christmas dear friends!

Tim Tomlinson



Prayer Requests:

  1.  Please pray for our students and faculty during the Christmas break.  Many are traveling to be with family and friends.  Pray that this would be wonderful time, not only of refreshment, but also of abundant opportunities for sharing the hope of the gospel with many.
  2. Please also be in prayer for our calendar year-end financial needs.  December is the most important month of the year with regard to financial contributions.  Pray that the Lord would provide bountifully for us in these last few days of 2017.  Pray that the Serious Joy Scholarships would be fully subscribed!
  3.  Please also be in prayer for upcoming Bethlehem Conference for Pastors + Church Leaders (January 2018).  Pray that the Lord would bring together all of his pastors and shepherds who need to be encouraged, inspired, and equipped for the crucial work God has called them to do.