Who is God?


Who is God? Theology strives to answer that question.

How does the theologian (and we are all theologians) strive in the right direction? He goes to the authoritative word that God has breathed about himself. Completely truthful, the Bible never affirms any falsehood.

There—in the Bible—we encounter Jesus. Jesus is not only the master teacher, but he (and his union with the Father) is the central subject of his own teaching.

Nicodemus, a highly educated teacher in Jesus’s day, recognized something amazing about Jesus: 

“Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God.”—John 3:2, ESV

A teacher from God! Students, prepare yourselves not only to pay attention, but to pay tribute. Worship with awe!

Perhaps most remarkable about Jesus’s teaching is that he lived what he taught—with perfect, flawless consistency.

At Bethlehem College & Seminary we aim to help students do theology—that is, discover God. In the process, we desire to foster an unbridled enthusiasm for the pre-eminence of Christ clearly articulated in the pages of the Bible.

To that end, the Board of Trustees recently held their annual May meeting (we currently meet three times per year). Some folks wonder, “What do the trustees do at their meetings?” At this one we budgeted for another year of the pursuit highlighted in the paragraphs above, reviewed reports from various officers and departments, interviewed two nominees for future trustees, considered two important committee reports about which you will be hearing in the future, approved the granting of degrees to a record number of graduates, and celebrated God’s kindness to us—including a remarkable 12 years under the inaugural presidency of Dr. Tim Tomlinson, who stepped down June 1.

Here are ways we urge you to pray for Bethlehem College & Seminary:

  • Pray for President Joe Rigney as he began his presidency this week.
  • Pray for our faculty and students as they launch into summer ministry and rest.
  • Pray that the Lord would bring in funding to finish our fiscal year strong on June 30.

Thank you.

Sam Crabtree
Chairman, Board of Trustees