Your Prayers Are Making A Difference!


I just returned from a trip to the Middle East and Arab Gulf region. I had the privilege of meeting with two of our graduates and their families. I saw them living far from home, far from the kids’ grandparents, far from another life they could have chosen. However, I saw them thriving in their marriages, in their family life, and in their ministry of sharing the gospel with people broken by war, poverty, and displacement. The gospel is being shared regularly, and other local believers are following their example. Fruit comes slowly, but fruit is coming.

I also visited another country where two of our graduates are moving shortly and another graduate is seriously considering going. This is a part of the world where the nations have gathered, churches are being planted and doors are opening to reach out to Muslims with the good news of Christ.

In late May, I and one of our current students are invited to teach a hermeneutics course in a very closed country where a growing number of churches are being planted with pastors who have only received minimal theological training. One of our graduates has been there for several years and has won their trust. He is coming alongside them and establishing a program of theological education with the help of Training Leaders International.

Then in June, I have the privilege of visiting yet another graduate in an east African country where many of the neighbors of Bethlehem originate from.

Earlier this week, I was in Indianapolis at The Gospel Coalition Conference where I saw several of our graduates and heard how God is helping them as they engage in their ministries here in the US. Their commitment to preach and teach and care for their flocks is such a joy to see. Whether our graduates are serving across the world or across the country, we rejoice that God’s Word is being faithfully proclaimed.

On Monday morning, John Piper, Tim Tomlinson, Rick Segal, and Ben Collins (one of our graduates serving in California) spoke to a group of friends living in Indianapolis who are interested in the work of Bethlehem College & Seminary. Some attending have already invested in remarkable ways so that our students can graduate without student loan debt hindering their deployment into the work of the Kingdom. Others are considering partnering with us.

One of our graduates told me I have the best job in the world because I get to see up close and personal the fruit that your prayers and giving and encouragement is producing. I do indeed feel very blessed to draw close to our students when they first begin studying at Bethlehem College & Seminary and then follow them as God leads them to the people and place of His choosing.


Together with you in the Greatest Cause,


Tom Steller

Pastor for Leadership Development

Dean of Global and Alumni Outreach


Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for our alumni who are now engaged in long-term ministry.
  2. Pray for our graduating class who is seeking God’s leading for where to serve.
  3. Pray for those who are considering investing in our Serious Joy Scholarships.
  4. Pray for our students who are leading all six worship services (preaching, praying, worship leading, etc) on our Bethlehem College & Seminary Focus Weekend at Bethlehem Baptist Church on April 29/30.