Be Encouraged


It happens this time every year; I realize with a start that we are only a few weeks away from students arriving and classes beginning. Yet, three things happened yesterday that were extremely encouraging to me and give me joy and hope for this coming year and the future of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

First, as I walked up the stairs to my office and the first meeting of the day, I felt a deep-seated joy about the team God has assembled in the administration of Bethlehem College & Seminary. My meeting was with our communications manager, Leah, our database administrator, Viki, our events manager, Amy, and our HR coordinator and my assistant, Bethany. It was a delight to sit down with them and coordinate our work. I believe God has brought just the right people at just the right times over the course of our 12-year history such that exactly the right people are on staff when they need to be. Along with our accounting manager, Burt, operations assistant, Ryan, our bursar, Connie, our academic administrative assistant, Sarah, and graphic designer, Christina, we are clearly fielding the A team. I’m so excited to work with these Godly people.

Second, I had the pleasure of lunch with a colleague where the primary focus of our meeting was encouragement. Ministry can be very hard at times, and we need to build up the body and encourage one another. It was a delight to my soul to fellowship over a meal with a ministry colleague, both of us being encouraged in our common belief that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. We both want that to be the primary focus of our ministries.

Third, in the afternoon I onboarded Dr. Joshua Greever, our newest faculty member, our new associate professor of New Testament. Again, I stand in awe at the staff and faculty that God has assembled at Bethlehem College & Seminary. The faculty is world-class. As we walked to his office we met Dr. Mackenzie Balken our adjunct professor of literature, and then stumbled into professors Zach and Betsy Howard, both of whom teach in our college. Again, the A team. I wish you all could meet these people and get excited about educating men and women to learn, serve, and treasure, in the home, church, and world.

Last year at this time, we didn’t know if anyone would show up for classes. We slashed our budget, laid off staff, wore masks, and rarely saw anyone in person. But, by God’s grace and providence, our staff is once again full and running on all cylinders, and our faculty is stronger than ever.

I sincerely have hope for the future of Bethlehem College & Seminary and believe, as Pastor John Piper said several years ago, that this school, staying true to its mission, will have a disproportionate impact. May the Lord make it so.

Jason Abell, MBA
Vice President of Administration & CFO


Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for our students as they move to/back to Minneapolis for classes starting in three weeks.
  2. Pray for our incoming students as they prepare to begin their college careers.
  3. Pray for our staff and faculty preparing for the new school year.
  4. Pray for our leadership, staff, and faculty as we gather next week for a retreat of vision-casting, praying for students, school updates, and relationship building.
  5. Pray that the needed funds would come in to support the Alex Steddom International Student Fund grantees such that we may also invite a new seminarian for the next school year.