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Let’s Do It Again!

This past August, my two older boys and I decided to join another family to backpack in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming. For my ten- and twelve-year-old boys, this would be the first time that they did real backpack camping—we would be carrying all our gear and food for several days. We had an […]

Come to Me

We live in an age of agitation. If there’s one constant in our day, it’s that everyone is restless, anxious, on edge, and stirred up. This restless anxiety and agitation is significantly influenced by voices. And while it’s fashionable and easy to lament the voices that stir us up to anger and desire and agitation, […]

Abide to Know

One of the important weekly events at Bethlehem occurs when we gather together for chapel. Recently my friend, Dr. Jared Compton, spoke from our fall chapel text, John 15, which says, “remain in me.” Jared called us to know who we are in Christ. This knowledge of who we are is gained and maintained by […]

Stand Firm

In sports, to win is to defeat the adversary. If you have simply “held them at bay,”x or kept them from scoring a point, you have not won. To win, you must score. The purpose of the competition is not to walk away with a participation medal, but with the trophy. In martial arts, to […]

Dwell in You

One of our aims at Bethlehem College & Seminary is to raise up Bible-saturated men and women. That particular aim lines up well with the words of the Apostle Paul to the church in Colossae. There, Paul writes these words: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in […]

For Kachin Worship

The Alex Steddom Scholarship makes my vision possible. I deeply thank all the donors for your most generous gifts. Truly, I can’t express enough how thankful I am. In Kachin, I would say Kraw kata kaw nna kabu myiprwi pru let, nachying wa chyeju dum sai. My future ministry will be teaching at the Kachin […]

Baseball Reverie: Reflections from Coach Joe

I wear many hats. I have vocational hats: professor, pastor, president. I have relational hats: husband, father, friend. One of my favorite hats is a baseball hat. For six months out of the year, I’m Coach Joe. My sons currently reside in that precious time between the ages of 8 and 14 in which it’s […]

2022 Alex Steddom Fund Grantee

INTRODUCING BOAZ PRINCE COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA 2022 GRANTEE ALEX STEDDOM INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FUND Dear Friends, The mission of Bethlehem College & Seminary is simple: Under the authority of God’s inerrant word, Bethlehem College & Seminary exists to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through […]

Profound Gratitude

I write to you today to share my profound gratitude to our God for his faithfulness and care for me and my family during these last four years. My time at Bethlehem College & Seminary has been a life-changing experience that has shaped and amplified my love for Scripture and my desire to spread a passion […]

Christian Steadfastness

Recently, the world has had much to say about antifragility. Nassim Nicholas Talib coined the term “antifragile” to describe the opposite of something fragile. A fragile thing breaks under stress. And a resilient thing endures through stress. But what about a thing that grows stronger from stress? According to Talib, that thing is antifragile. The […]