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My Son Finally Met His Ethiopian “Brother”

My son was six when he and I were out in our garage building bunkbeds for him and his soon-to-be brother. Then we got the call…. “There have been complications, and you are not allowed to adopt Cherinet.” He was only one week away from becoming a DeRouchie. Now our hearts ached, and we were […]

Planting and Watering as God Gives Growth

We are writing to let you know that, while we concluded the 2018 calendar year having received, by the grace of God, the greatest outpouring of generous giving in our history, we remained slightly more than $500,000 short of fully funding Serious Joy Scholarships for the students presently enrolled in this academic year. We are […]

Why I Wrote a Book on Revelation

For most Bible readers, Revelation is a riddle that fascinates and frustrates. The last book of our Bibles has inspired countless commentaries, prophecy charts, and dissertations, but it is rarely read or preached in many churches. I regularly teach and write on Revelation and recently published All Things New: Revelation as Canonical Capstone. Here are […]

Thirteen Things I Love Doing as a Professor

I love being a professor. It’s such a gift from God. It’s what he made me to do, though he quite patiently took four decades to form and fashion me for its rigors and requirements! Thirty years of formal education as a student, though, doesn’t prepare a man or woman for all the various responsibilities […]

Filled with Thanksgiving

Bethlehem College & Seminary wouldn’t exist without the generous and faithful support of a growing number of people who have prioritized our school in their charitable giving.  This is a fact which brings me to my knees in thanksgiving to the Lord for choosing to use these dear friends as His means of fueling the […]

The Glory of Christ Through Students’ Eyes

This semester, I have the privilege of teaching our college seniors a course on Biblical Theology. In many ways, this course is a capstone to their courses as they marshal the tools they’ve learned in exegesis—Hebrew and Greek translation, sentence diagramming, arcing and tracing the argument of a passage, etc. and in theology—applying the tools […]

How Great a Debt?

Excerpt from the 2019 Conference for Pastor’s + Church Leaders It is my delight at our school to be the principle advocate for the Serious Joy Scholarship, a ten thousand dollar a year annual grant, that is given to every resident student at our school, undergraduate and graduate, so that they can receive a bible-saturated, […]

A Team Effort

One of the wonderful gifts that Bethlehem College & Seminary gives to its faculty is the privilege to periodically request a sabbatical. Bethlehem Baptist Church also gives to its pastoral staff the opportunity to request a sabbatical every five years. We do not take this for granted. Our appreciation abounds! Last semester, I was on […]

Gospel Growth in Egypt

Just two weeks ago Rick Segal (Vice President of Advancement, Distinguished Lecturer for Commerce and Vocation) and I were part of a U.S. delegation to Egypt to encourage religious liberty in that country and the surrounding region. It was an eye-opening experience for me as we met with political leaders, members of parliament, Christian and […]

The Church’s Unmasking Mission

Our world is confused about women. It’s confused about men, too, but I’ve only got so many words here, so forgive me for narrowing my focus. Our world believes that being a woman is so flexible, so all-encompassing, so completely unbounded that even a man can do it. And while that may sound liberating at […]