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Planting Evergreen Generosity

Practical Advice on Extending a Generous Heart Beyond a Lifetime There are untold opportunities to extend the biblical giftedness of generosity beyond the span of our earthly lifes. Join us for a short, Saturday morning program to survey some of the fundamentals of estate planning and planned giving with an experienced, local, Christian attorney. Offered […]

Alexander Hamilton: An American Prodigal

J.R.R. Tolkien and Christian Virtue in an Age of Trouble

Puddleglum’s Faith: Breaking The Enchantments of Modern Life

Foundations of Christian Worldview

At Bethlehem College, we aim to produce mature men and women who are ready to witness for Christ—in any vocation—with wisdom and wonder for the rest of their lives. We desire to graduate students who are rooted in Christ and ready for the world. We believe that education is discipleship, and there are some things […]

Spring Preview Day 2023

Join us for our Spring Preview Day on Friday, April 21 to see what it looks like to study Great Books in light of the Greatest Book for the sake of the Great Commission. Our aim is to help you taste and see what it looks like to be a student at our school, so that […]

Serious Joy Conference

How to Teach Students to Read a Book

Christianity and Science

How Acts Teaches Us to Read the Bible