Taste & See: Sampling an Education in Serious Joy


At Bethlehem College & Seminary we study the Great Books in light of the Greatest Book for the sake of the Great Commission. In this winter series, join Bethlehem professors as they offer a taste of a Bethlehem education. Whether you’re a prospective, incoming, or returning student, you won’t regret spending a few weeks reflecting on possessions with Boethius, exploring morality with Mark Twain, and worldliness with C.S. Lewis. Come and see!


Tuesday, November 24 | 7:00–8:15 PM (Central) – “Wheel of Fortune: Philosophy’s Advice on Viewing Possessions” (Dr. James McGlothlin)
Reading: Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy – Book II (Book I optional)

Tuesday, December 15 | 7:00–8:15 PM (Central) – “The Good, the Bad, and the Fleeting: Mark Twain’s Morality Tales” (Dr. Mackenzie Balken)
Reading: Mark Twain, “The Story of the Bad Little Boy,” and “The Story of the Good Little Boy.”

Tuesday, January 12 | 7:00–8:15 PM (Central) – “Worldliness and Its Remedies: C.S. Lewis on the Inner Ring and the Church” (Dr. Joe Rigney)
Reading: C.S. Lewis, “The Inner Ring” and “Membership”

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