The Hand of God


By the grace of God our family made it to Minneapolis. Traveling in summer of 2021 from India to the US was a test in every way—God brought us here. His hand was in every step of the way. When the prayers of the saints around the world combined with the generosity of the saints and aligned with the will of God for his purposes, we got to see the hand of God do it once again. My first joy: a front seat view of the hand of God in bringing me and my family to Bethlehem College & Seminary.

My second joy: my cohort, my professors, and the staff at Bethlehem College & Seminary. I get to study God’s word every day. I get to spend time with others who love to study God’s word every day. I get to learn from those who teach God’s word every day. This is a season of life that cannot be overestimated. It’s a special air we breathe here.

My third joy: the 6 habits of mind and heart that Bethlehem College & Seminary trains us in. I realized my biggest challenge so far has been to read. I know how to read, but now I am learning how to read, observe, understand, and evaluate. The Bible and other books are coming alive more than they have before—what a joy! I hope to be able to express the truth with excellence by the time I graduate.

The past year went by too quickly. I look forward to another year of learning and growing in the habits of mind and heart.

Mysore, India



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