Associate Pastor


Iowa Falls Evangelical Free Church

Iowa Falls, Iowa USA

As a church, we desire to become increasingly molded by God’s Word and motivated by God’s glory as we make disciples throughout God’s world. Our mission is simply to know Christ and make Him known. Our Associate Pastor joins our staff and leaders to help us more effectively accomplish this mission and pursue this vision together as a church family.

a. Received a definite call of God for full-time pastoral ministry and committed to the glory of God in all things (1 Cor 10:31), displaying evidence of mature faith and growing obedience to Jesus Christ.
b. Meets the qualifications for an elder (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9), having a rich understanding of God’s grace and walking in a manner of life worthy of the gospel (Phil 1:27).
c. Able to think systematically about the best means to engage and evangelize the lost (especially children and youth), and to establish and equip believers (especially parents, volunteers, and students) in order to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ.
d. Has gifts and a desire to lead our worship team both musically and pastorally.
e. Possesses a large capacity for meaningful relationships both in and outside of the church, as well as interpersonal skills to work humbly as part of a ministry team with lead pastor, church staff, church leadership, and volunteers.
f. Has earned a minimum of an undergraduate degree (BA or BS) with a preference for a graduate degree (M. Div. or similar) in ministry-related field.
g. Affirms the EFCA Statement of Faith, agrees with our church’s covenant and by-laws, and is willing to pursue licensing and/or ordination in the EFCA if he does not already have those credentials.
a. Commitment to live a life above reproach, empowered by the Holy Spirit.
b. Cultivate a healthy, vibrant walk with God, including regular time in personal Bible reading and prayer.
c. Nurture healthy relationships with family, especially wife (if applicable).
d. Develop meaningful friendships with those inside and outside our church family for support and accountability.
e. Have a heart and mind open to learning, correction, and growth.
f. Regular attendance at worship services, church meetings, and staff meetings.
g. Willingness to invest at least 4 years in this ministry.
h. Shall be responsible and accountable to the Lead Pastor and Elders, and will meet with them at his/their request.
i. Spend about 45-50 hours/week engaged in pastoral ministry.
j. Compensation is commensurate with experience with a total salary package of up to $50,000 to start.


About 50% of our Associate Pastor’s time will be spent in this area of ministry.
• Directly shepherding youth and parents through Biblical teaching, pastoral care, and other forms of discipleship.
• Model disciple-making in the home by loving and leading your own family (if applicable).
• Care deeply and pray much about the spiritual development and well-being of children, youth and their parents to help them become more fully-devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.
• Empower and work alongside the CE committee to determine age-appropriate discipleship objectives and the best means (curriculum, programs, etc.) to achieve those objectives for children/youth within and outside the church.
• Encourage, train, and equip volunteers and parents through systems and/or interpersonal interaction to fulfill their own giftedness in ministry to children and youth.
• Facilitate regular (weekly, monthly, annual) opportunities for children and youth to grow in faith and develop age-appropriate skills and knowledge for following Christ.
• Provide regular training and personal counsel (as needed) to help parents grow in their parenting skills and as followers of Jesus Christ.

About 25% of our Associate Pastor’s time will be spent in this area of ministry.
• Give musical and pastoral leadership to our worship team members with the goal of helping them grow in their love for God and in their ability to serve the church by helping us sing.
• Work with others to select songs and order a worship service in a way magnifies the Lord and forms the hearts and minds of believers.
• Oversee the processes of recruiting, training and scheduling both on-stage and tech booth volunteers.

About 25% of our Associate Pastor’s time will be spent in general shepherding alongside the Lead Pastor and elders.
• Caring for the flock through visits (homes, hospitals, schools, etc.), life groups, etc.
• Leading the flock through everyday discipleship and major life events (births, baptisms, graduation, etc.).
• Protecting the flock by praying often for us and also helping us to pray more together.
• Feeding the flock through Biblical teaching and occasional preaching.

Questions: Email [email protected] or call Pastor Jeremy at 641-648-3305

To Apply, follow the instructions at this link:

Handout: Seeking Associate Pastor.pdf