Executive Pastor


Cornerstone Church Crystal

CRYSTAL, MN United States

Salary Range 55k-70k

Please visit https://www.cornerstonecrystal.org/employment for complete profile, job description and application links

Cornerstone Crystal’s Executive Pastor (XP) is responsible for fostering organizational alignment; developing ministry teams that serve the Cornerstone Community through practical love and encouragement; and establishing system processes and structures that facilitate moving Cornerstone’s mission forward.

Process is the chief priority of the Executive Pastor. The Executive Pastor moves the Cornerstone Community toward accomplishing its purposes through ministry team and ministry program alignment; resource appropriation (time, talent, facilities and finances); corporate administration; and process advancement.

Please follow these steps to submit your application:

1. Complete the application at https://cornerstonecrystal.org/employment-application
2. Complete the additional questions for pastoral staff located at: https://cornerstonecrystal.org/pastor-hiring-questions
3. You will be notified as soon as both forms are received. Once you receive confirmation, your application is complete.
4. Additional information may be requested by writing [email protected]