Executive Pastor


Vertical Church St. Paul

St. Paul, MN

POSITION: Executive Pastor
REPORTS TO: Elder Board
STATUS: Full-time, Salaried

The Executive Pastor of Vertical Church will provide strategic & executional leadership for our ministries and directional leadership to our staff. This pastor will be a visionary leader committed to the ongoing development and effectiveness of our ministries to ensure the mission and vision of Vertical Church is being effectively executed.

Member of Vertical Church
High compatibility with Vertical Church’s mission, vision, and culture
Elder-qualified man marked by and growing humility, holiness, health, happiness, and hunger for the Lord Jesus Christ

Ownership of ministry and staff effectiveness
Ensure the mission and vision of Vertical Church is known and owned.
Guarantee the culture of Vertical Church is taught, caught, modeled, and transferred.
Discover, develop, and deploy leaders at every level in our church.
Confirm that ministry values and standards are embraced, executed, and experienced.

Leadership of Vertical Church operations
Strategic planning for all ministries
Grasp Vertical Church’s purpose for staff and ministry teams, the goals for growth, care of the congregation, and the commitment to and use of effective systems.
Use tools to evaluate campus effectiveness and identify problems or obstacles that are hindering defined success.
Create strategic and efficient solutions to solve known problems and accomplish the stated purpose.

Manage leaders of campus ministries
Ensure leaders have and are leading their teams to a clear and compelling vision.
Guide leaders through the creation of an annual ministry plan.
Support leaders as they execute ministry initiatives and tasks.

Steward campus resources
Oversee ministry budgets and ensure fiscal faithfulness.

Manage church assets and facilities

Execution of all church ministries

Ministry of Prayer and the Word
Regularly preach expository sermons that are application-oriented.
Give yourself entirely to general pastoral ministry (counseling, care, prayer, making disciples, etc.).

Strong Executive Skill — Strategic planning, resource allocation, and assessment. Demonstrate sensitivity and confidence in leading, serving, inspiring, managing, and equipping the staff in their tactical implementation of ministry goals.

Budgetary Management — Manage and supervise ministry budgets.

Interpersonal Skills and Communication — Communicate across different layers of the organization. Express optimism, faith, and encouragement in all situations.

Organizational Intelligence — Understand the Vertical Church ministry framework. Contextualize strategy in a variety of environments. Develop new and better ways to work. Promote a continuous improvement mentality. Implement change with excellence.

Performance Management — Assess ministry effectiveness and support decision-making through data acquisition and analysis.

Leader Development Skills — Multiply leaders (staff, team leaders, etc.) who can communicate and uphold the mission, vision, and culture of Vertical Church. Supervise and lead a motivated and diverse group of people by establishing a clear vision for the team, training, and developing talent, providing feedback, and ensuring the proper learning for each team member.

Collaborative Leadership Skills — Complement the leadership of the Lead Pastor and be able to lead in concert with other leaders. Integrate multiple perspectives and synthesize them into a cohesive, convictional plan.

How To Apply:

Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

– Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Executive Pastor at Vertical Church St. Paul?

– Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve in this role?

– In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of Vertical Church St. Paul?

Please send your resume and the answers to these questions to Tara Bayles at [email protected]

Handout: Executive Pastor Job Description – Vertical Church – Google Docs.pdf