High School Director


First Evangelical Church of Memphis

Memphis, TN USA

The High School director will oversee the high school ministry at First Evangelical Church of Memphis “To glorify Jesus Christ and magnify His gospel in the lives of students until He comes”.

Areas of Oversight Responsibility / 
Youth – Grades 9-12
Reports Directly To / 
Pastor of Student Ministries
Reported to By / 
High School Girls Coordinator
Works Closely With / 
Pastor of Student Ministries, High School Girls Coordinator, Middle School Girls Coordinator, and Student Ministries Administrative Assistant

The successful candidate will have /
An authentic and observable personal walk with Jesus Christ.
A good level of biblical/theological competence.
Strong communication and teaching skills.
Strong people skills that allow him to relate to and minister effectively with a broad range of personalities and backgrounds.
A balanced view of social issues with the necessary discernment, compassion and courage to lead a diverse segment of Christ’s Church in unity and grace.

Parental / 
Mobilize and equip parents for effective ministry to their teens.
Offer biblical training for parents.
Assist parents in their awareness, understanding and response to issues facing teens in today’s culture.
Facilitate meaningful communication between parents and teens through various bridge building activities and ministries.
Identify, equip and launch gifted and available parents into successful ministry to teens.

Program / 
Provide programs, both on and off campus, that are attractive, winsome, and God-honoring.
Plan multi-level ministry that is designed to reach students at their level of interest and maturity.
Plan and lead events/retreats that stir students to greater community and commitment with Christ.
Contact work with students that nurtures a relational ministry where students are known by you and can share life with you
Use the various ministry components to identify, equip and involve student leaders.
Seek excellence and quality at all levels.
Foster a vital worship ministry geared toward students.

Direct Ministry with Students /
Build relationships both on and off campus with the teens that are characterized by mutual admiration and trust.
Provide consistent and substantive teaching and training from the Word.
Equip students to develop a ministry mindset by involving them in ministry opportunities to their peers and others both at home and abroad.
Offer a context for healthy and meaningful fellowship and encouragement.
Look for and be involved in ways to reach lost students for Christ through your own direct ministry, and by equipping and mobilizing students to reach their peers.
Provide godly, biblical counsel and/or appropriate referrals to students seeking guidance with various life issues.

Adult Volunteer Leader Team /
Recruit, equip, and support the adult volunteer leader team in order to ensure their effectiveness in ministry.
Steward a clear and consistent vision for the High School ministry.

Please email [email protected] with your resume.

Handout: High School Director Job Description.pdf