High School Director


Faith Community Bible Church

Boise, ID

Faith Community Bible Church:
Faith Community Bible Church is a church family located in Boise, ID that longs to see Christ magnified in the Treasure Valley and around the globe. God is doing a special work in our church body, and He has sent many people our way who have a love for God’s Word and a desire to proclaim the gospel. Even as our church has seen rapid growth in conjunction with the growth in the Treasure Valley these last few years, our mission of “glorifying God by pointing the affections of all peoples to the all-satisfying person of Jesus Christ” has remained the same. Because of the central place that the gospel of Jesus Christ has in our focus, we are seeking a candidate for this position who will not lose sight of the place that the daily details of ministry have in God’s grand narrative and whose whole life is oriented around the gospel.

The High School Director:
Because we recognize the pivotal role that ministry to youth can play in their spiritual development, we place a high value on a ministry that seeks to see our youth converted and discipled in the faith in connection with our local church. The candidate that we hire for this position will be supported in their ministry to youth as they ultimately seek to point our youth to Jesus Christ. The High School Director will be responsible for ministry to high school students in our church and in our community, and this ministry will align with the broader vision for FCBC laid out by our elders.
* It would be our preference for this position to be filled by a man who is aspiring to the office of elder/pastor. Over the course of time, we could discuss developing this person to step into eldership at FCBC as they faithfully serve in the High School Director role.

For more information and/or to apply, please email [email protected].

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