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Lifehouse Community Church

Oskaloosa, Iowa United States

Lead Pastor Job Description-Lifehouse Community Church, Oskaloosa, IA
Why pursue a position with Lifehouse Community Church? Please visit our website, www.lifehousecc.org, and click on the link provided here to learn about our uniqueness as a church, and our community! https://www.lifehousecc.org/post/dear-prospective-pastoral-candidate
The Lead Pastor is responsible for effectively expositing the complete Word of God to the church family with accurate interpretation and relevant application. Servant leadership is needed to provide vision and guidance in helping the church family grow toward spiritual maturity and healthiness, and in embracing the call of God to share the gospel locally and globally. The Lead Pastor must genuinely love people and provide tangible care to them. The Lead Pastor must do all within his power to promote unity within the church family, and to protect it from false teachings and influences. He must truly have a heart for God and His Word, and people.
We are seeking a mature follower of Christ who meets the Biblical qualifications of an elder/overseer, who has a consistent and deep prayer life and demonstrates personal passion and commitment to the authority of the Word of God, discipleship, and outreach. He must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of Lifehouse Community Church and support their By-Laws. He must be a gifted expository Bible teacher and love people. We are seeking a servant leader with strong relational skills and vision to lead the church family to the next level. Other desired qualities include: integrity, humility, compassion, industrious, organized, hospitable, administrative skills, self-motivated, initiator, mobilizer and team builder.
A Master’s Degree in Theology or Divinity (or the equivalent) with 5-10 years of pastoral ministry experience is preferred. Formal Bible training is strongly preferred. Ordination is required.
Specific Responsibilities
• Consistently and faithfully seek God in personal prayer for the church and personal needs.
• Personally engage in and encourage the church family in knowing, living out, and sharing the gospel through word and deed.
• Weekly teach the Word of God to the church family on Sunday mornings. Expository teaching is desired, studying verse by verse, chapter by chapter, through entire books of the Bible, not skipping controversial or difficult chapters or books. The whole truth of God’s word is to be presented with relevant application, to teach, exhort, encourage, rebuke, comfort, guide, and challenge the church family to obey and grow in their relationships with Jesus.
• Visit and intentionally build relationships with church family and visitors. Lovingly provide care and support, as needed, such as personal and marital counseling, hospital visits, home visits, officiation of weddings, funerals, believer’s baptisms, baby dedications, etc.
• Provide leadership in vision casting, and work with the other elders in developing, planning and implementing the church’s vision, to powerfully impact Lifehouse Community Church, the community, and world.
• Along with the elders, provide leadership and support to all the ministries of the church, and work closely with the ministry team leaders (prayer, worship, outreach and missions, men’s, women’s, children’s, youth, retirees’, community groups, and men’s spiritual training ministries) providing encouragement and resources, so that they can effectively “do the work of the ministry”.
• Promote prayer, discipleship, worship, evangelism, heart connection, service, and personal growth within each church ministry.
• Lead community groups (6-8 weekly sessions, usually 2-3x/year), as needed, and train and support others to lead.
• Network with, pray and partner with other like-minded Christian churches and pastors in the community, including shared outreach initiatives, for the sake of the gospel.
• Help with the organization and administrative functions of the church.

The Lead Pastor is accountable to the Board of Elders and the church family. He will serve on the Board of Elders and will be able to cast one vote along with each of the other Elders. He will be evaluated annually by the Board of Elders, with input from the church family.
Work Week
The normal work week is 40-48 hours weekly, usually 8 a.m.-Noon, 1-5 p.m. daily Sunday -Friday, but may vary, as needed for evening and Saturday responsibilities that arise. The Lead Pastor will normally not work 1.5-2 days per week (often times on Fridays and Saturdays)
Compensation Package
The total compensation package is $70,000-$80,000, depending on experience. This amount is to cover all expenses related to the position, including salary, taxes, all social security contributions, medical benefits, retirement benefits, if desired, ministry expenses, etc. Paid time off is provided: 2 weeks from start to year 5; 3 weeks from year 5 to year 10; 4 weeks for more than 10 years of service. Continuing education or conference attendance annually is encouraged and reimbursed, pending elder approval.
How to Apply
Please email the following items to [email protected]
-Cover Letter – Resume -Philosophy of Ministry -Doctrinal Statement -Link to recent message

[email protected]

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