Houston Baptist Church

Houston, MN USA

On August 18, 1853, a group of Swedish immigrants gathered to worship for the first time in Houston, MN, having left their homeland to seek religious freedom and the ability to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. This small congregation would be pivotal in forming the foundation from which the Baptist General Conference—known today as Converge—would grow.

In our nearly 168 year history, Houston Baptist Church’s priorities have not changed. We are a Bible-centered, Christ-exalting, and missions-oriented congregation that meets regularly for worship, study, and fellowship. Outside of the church, Houston Baptist has continuously been an active member of the larger community, faithfully and joyfully serving the people of Houston for the sake of bearing the light of Christ to all.

Our pastor must have a passion for both the life of the church and the community of Houston, Minnesota. The right candidate will be a person committed to the teaching of the Word of God, the spiritual direction and growth of the individual members of the congregation, and to engaging the broader community for the sake of the advancement of the Gospel.

Much of our energy as a church is given to the ministry of prayer. The right candidate will be someone that is dedicated to a life of prayer. We believe that a prayerful church is a powerful church and wish to continue to grow in the spiritual discipline of prayer through the faithful example of our pastor.

Houston Baptist Church is a small but committed body of believers that hopes to see the Gospel proclaimed to the unreached in our community and the world. Our passion is to know God through the revelation of Himself in Christ and Scripture and to aid in winning some for the Kingdom of God.

Emails with a letter of interest sent to Vice Chairman Steve Sires – [email protected]