Community Bible Church, Buffalo, SD

Buffalo, South Dakota

Community Bible Church is an independent congregation in rural Harding County, South Dakota (pop. about 2,000). It is the lone baptistic church in the county, and most people in the area grow up Catholic or Lutheran.

We are looking for a solo pastor to lead the worship service on Sunday, organizing music (not necessarily leading himself but reaching out to ensure someone is available to play piano or the like), preaching, and administering the sacraments. The congregation is made up of about 40 people of all ages. Ideally, the pastor would be someone in his late 20s, 30s or 40s who could connect well with the young families. The pastor must be available to participate in community events, such as showing up at football games, street fairs, etc., and developing a reputation as someone who cares for the community. As trust is built, there will be opportunities for developing further ministries.

Pay, including a housing allowance, amounts to $50,000/year.

Contact Pastor Conner Armstrong at 865-313-1892 or [email protected] for more information or to submit a resume.