Trade River Evangelical Free Church

Grantsburg, WI United States

Pastor Profile and Job Description
Trade River Evangelical Free church
Grantsburg, WI


The “ideal” candidate will be a man with proven leadership skills who is committed to nurturing a community of disciples and is able to relate to all generations, with a warmth and enthusiasm for children’s and youth ministry. He and his family will be well acquainted with the weather and culture of the upper Midwest and have an affection for small, but healthy, rural churches. He will have some experience as a solo or lead pastor, although if this is his first ministry we prefer he be entering ministry as a second career. However, the right candidate with no experience will be considered. We prefer that he be under the age of 50, a college graduate, majoring in Biblical Studies or its equivalent or he will have completed seminary or graduate school in Biblical Studies. His sermons will demonstrate competency in expository preaching or biblically-based topical preaching, with relevant application from our current culture.

This “ideal” candidate will demonstrate humility, a commitment to team-led ministry, and support of blended worship during our public services. He will also be enthusiastic about participating in EFCA events and nurturing relationships with area EFCA pastors, as well as with pastors from neighboring churches.

Finally, he will demonstrate a heart for reaching unbelievers with the good news of the Gospel and for leading our church in a global mission effort.

Position Description

The Pastor of Trade River Evangelical Free Church of Grantsburg, WI will lead and train our church to fulfill its Mission and achieve its Vision in the following ways:

I. Qualifications
• His life and character must be consistent with those outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
• He must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of the EFCA.
• Must be competent in organization, administration, and interpersonal relationships.
• He must have some successful ministry experience, adequate skills, and sufficient education for the position.
• He must be licensed or ordained with the EFCA or willing to pursue such in a timely fashion upon arrival at TREFC.
• Be devoted to his wife and family as an example to the church.

II. Maintain vibrant personal spiritual maturity through:
• Regular devotions and prayer as well as periodic personal spiritual retreats by himself and others who can speak into his life.
• Appropriate attention to nurturing his marriage and family life.
• Seeking out continuing education and vocational development opportunities, such as personal study, vocational conferences, and formal classes when desired.
• Disciplined rhythm of exercise and rest. In order to encourage him in this area, TREFC has implemented a Pastoral Vacation and Sabbatical Policy. (To be developed by the Board)
• Accountability with peers who will encourage and challenge him in his personal and vocational responsibilities.

III. Participate in overall church leadership as a member of the Church Board
• Work with the Board chair in preparing agendas.
• Come along side each of the Board members for encouragement and mutual discipleship, including acquisition and discussion of relevant learning materials that help the Board function more effectively.
• Serve the Board by discussing vision and clarity, suggesting training opportunities, and nurturing support for the Board members among the congregation.
• Relate to the Board in four categories:

Be the chief “vision officer” of all TREFC ministries, a competent resource in
areas of church leadership, and the coach and servant-leader of all leaders.
Be accountable to the Board as a Christian brother – cooperating with them in
the practice of accountability.
Be subject to their authority (when they speak as one, unanimous voice)
Be equal to them in his board member voting rights
• Work with the church’s leaders (at all levels) to help them achieve goals and objectives in harmony with the church’s mission and vision.

IV. Lead the Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God and oversee the coordination of the church’s worship services.

• Communicate with the appropriate members of the Worship Leadership Team to plan the weekly services and services for seasonal and special occasions, delegating much of the preparation and execution to them.
• Preach the Word of God on Sunday mornings and during other occasions of preaching and teaching.
• Arrange for pulpit supply on the days he is not speaking.
• Along with the Board, oversee all biblical teaching at TREFC, including but not limited to SS, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Retreats, Seminars and Workshops, and Discipleship activities.

V. Lead the Shepherding activities of TREFC
• Provide Pastoral Counseling and visitation of the sick and shut in. Develop a network of Christian Counselors for referral.
• Along with the Board, initiate Church Discipline.
• Create a Leadership Development program for future Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses.
• Nurture the spiritual health and growth of our volunteers by spending time with them, offering prayer and emotional support, and, in cooperation with the Board, providing opportunities for them to grow in their ministries.
• Plan and lead special services such as baptisms and observances of the Lord’s Supper, weddings, funerals, seasonal observances, and missions emphasis.

VI. Develop and nurture a strategy of outreach to our community and a well-developed strategy of world-wide missions.

• Be an example of one who practices relational evangelism.
• Develop training opportunities for our congregation so they are equipped in relational evangelism.
• Inspire our congregation to share their faith during personal conversations, sermons and teaching.
• Participate with the Community Outreach Leadership Team and the Missions Leadership Team in promoting Community Outreach and world-wide Missions among our congregation.

VII. Supervise all Associate Pastoral Staff and Support Staff
• Meet regularly with Associate Pastors (when our church adds them to the staff) for coaching as well as for personal and spiritual encouragement and support.
• Directly supervise Support Staff.
• Provide regular accountability and evacuation.

VIII. Denominational and Community Involvement

• Participate in FLD Pastoral Networks.
• Attend EFCA Conferences as time permits or as directed by the Board.
• Personally contribute to the life of the Trade River/Grantsburg Community as opportunities arise that fit his gifts and interests.

Jean Peterson, Pastor Search Chair
[email protected]