Senior Pastor


Monona Oaks Community Church

Monona, Wisconsin

The Senior Pastor shall serve as the lead spiritual leader and Christ led shepherd of Monona Oaks Community Church (MOCC), Monona, Wisconsin. Upon acceptance of a call, he will automatically become a member of the church. He shall be accountable to God, through the elders, for the mutually agreed upon responsibilities of ministry and in accordance with the church constitution. He will be a member of the elder board with a vote equal to the other elders but not have greater authority than any of the elders. His primary role shall be to feed, nurture, train, and teach the church. It is recognized that some areas of his responsibilities may be delegated to others, in accordance with church leadership, as he helps them develop their gifts and grow as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Job Description

To apply, send cover letter, resume, personal doctrinal statement, salary history (optional), and at least five (5) references by May 15th to:

Monona Oaks Community Church, Attn: Jason Lang, Call Committee Chair

[email protected]

For more information call 724-370-0883.