Senior Pastor


Grace Bible Church

Holden, ME USA

➢ Blurb: Grace Bible Church outside of Bangor, Maine is looking for a full-time senior pastor with at least five years of church ministry experience to serve alongside the elders in shepherding our 70-member congregation that aligns broadly with 9 Marks and The Gospel Coalition. Salary will be +$60k.

➢ The Role
• Preach expository Christ-centered and applicatory sermons
• Pray for the congregation
• Provide leadership for the elders in shepherding the congregation
• Set a Christian example for the congregation
• Seek out connection with individual church members to encourage them in their faith in Christ.
• Plan the weekly Lord’s Day gathering
• Preside over Members Meetings
• Counsel members in spiritual need
• Pursue regular theological sharpening and growth
• Pursue relationships with other like-minded pastors

➢ The Requirements
• Meet the requirements the Lord gives for elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 which includes the giftedness to teach the church corporately through preaching and to instruct members one-on-one
• Hold an advanced theological degree and have at least five years of pastoral experience

➢ The Church
• Our Confession of Faith is explicitly Reformed and congregational, although we do have diversity when it comes to baptism (members and elders who are credo-baptist and paedo-baptist)
• Age Breakdown:
• 80’s: 2%
• 60’s: 17%
• 50’s: 18%
• 40’s: 22%
• 30’s: 12%
• 20’s: 26%

➢ The area
• Holden is a bedroom community of Bangor. It provides the convenience that comes with a nearby 35,000-person city (with an international airport), but with the space and quiet of a rural place. We’re 45 minutes from Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor and 2 hours from Mt. Katahdin.

Email Scott Daniel: [email protected]