Senior Pastor


First Evangelical Church

Memphis, Tennessee United States

First Evangelical Church, located in Memphis, Tennessee was organized in 1935 and currently welcomes about 600 worshipers on a Sunday morning. First Evan is a doctrinally conservative, independent, evangelical church known for its depth of preaching and heart for global missions. Since August 2021, First Evan has been working through a season of transition in cooperation with Interim Pastor Ministries and is now ready to welcome its next senior pastor. This man will be responsible for preaching the Word, vision casting and shepherding the congregation and staff.

Big picture:

Calling – He has the heart of a shepherd.
Character – He is an exemplary servant of Christ.
Experience – He is well trained to minister God’s truth.
Age – He connects well with all generations in every stage of their journey to and with Christ.
Mission Driven – He is all-in with the Great Commission.

What he will be doing:

• Preaching God’s Word: Faithfully teach, rebuke, and exhort the congregation in both word and example toward spiritual growth
and the accomplishment of the mission.
• Shepherding Staff: Provide engaged and energizing shepherding of all senior staff toward spiritual health and mission
effectiveness. Build a thriving ministry community.
• Vision Casting: Coordinate the efforts of the ministries (organized ministries) of the church toward the effective accomplishment of
the mission.
• Partner with Elders: Together with the elders, shepherd the flock toward spiritual health and ministry effectiveness (organic
ministry). Assist the elders in affirming core doctrine, addressing theological issues, and affirming the overall vision and mission of
the church.

Please send cover letter, resume, doctrinal statement and sermon links to: [email protected]

Handout: first_evan_open_position_brochure.pdf