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Bible Baptist Church of Galway

Galway, NY United States

Bible Baptist Church of Galway
Ministerial Descriptions and Required Qualifications

Description of Position and Church Life

The Bible Baptist Church of Galway is seeking a permanent, part-time minister to oversee our congregation. Annual salary for this part-time position is approximately $30,000. In addition to salary, the use of the church parsonage, including all utility costs, is provided to the pastor.

Our doctrinal position is Reformed Baptist, with the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 as our statement of faith. The church is governed by Elders, and the man whom God calls for this position will be confirmed by a vote of the members.

Current average Sunday morning attendance is approximately 20. In years past attendance in the 40’s and 50’s was not uncommon. The congregation today ranges in age from 6-80+, including several families, singles, couples, and a widow. A typical Lord’s Day begins with prayer time from 9:30 to 9:45 AM, then the Adult Sunday School hour from 9:45 to 10:45, and the worship service commencing at 11:00 AM. Children’s Sunday School is provided during the worship service as needed.

The church is debt free and operates under an annual budget.

Expectations of Pastor

The man whom God calls for this position is expected to:
• Maintain a lifestyle that demonstrates obedience to God the Father, a growing and personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
• Demonstrate Christ’s love and care for others through being mission-minded, serving, building up and reaching out to others, and equipping and training the body to make disciples.
• Agree with the doctrine and values of our church, as indicated by his affirmation of the major tenets of the1689 London Confession of Faith.
• Be sufficiently grounded in formal seminary-level training – or similar Reformed Biblical Training – to lead the congregation in solid, evangelical, reformed theological preaching.

The man whom God calls for this position is responsible for:
• Preaching Sunday sermon – Delivery of sermon at Sunday morning worship service for approximately 48 times annually.
• Leadership Development and Mentoring – identifying and building up of new leaders within the church, mentoring existing church leadership, giving input and guidance to ministries.
• Congregational Connections – connect with entire church family in various manners including church events and gatherings such as breakfasts, lunches or dinners for special occasions; provide pastoral counseling (marriage, life and bereavement); perform funeral and weddings as requested, etc.
• Visiting of sick and contacting those who have been missing from weekly services – Pastor will take along church leaders for visitations to train and mentor the body.
• Maintain a working relationship with other pastors and churches in the area uniting in ministry opportunities when available.
• Maintain a working relationship with the Reformed Baptist Network (RBNet) association via participation in ongoing ministerial activities and, if feasible, the annual General Assembly.

Anticipated Hours
• Part Time, approximately twenty hours a week, although the hours may vary depending upon the needs of the congregation and the pastor.
• While it is anticipated that the pastor may need to obtain secular work to supplement the available income, the leadership of the church will be pre-eminent.

Application Process
Candidates should provide a written resume demonstrating their core qualifications, pastoral experience, professional affiliations, and educational background. Letters of recommendation from churches and/or individuals familiar with the candidate’s pastoral style are also to be provided. Submit either in writing to:

Michael L. Churchill
1051 Perth Road
Hagaman, NY 12086

Or e-mail to [email protected]

Candidates should submit at least 2 pre-recorded sermons to demonstrate message cohesion and delivery skills. Messages should be approximately 30-40 minutes in duration, and preferably be video sermons.

The resumes and sermons of candidates will be reviewed by the Pulpit Search Committee, and selected candidates will be requested to participate in an interview. Interview process will entail an in-person meeting, if the candidate is local to the Galway area, or a zoom meeting if the candidate is not local. More than one candidate may be interviewed.

The church will request one candidate travel to the church to lead the congregation in a prayer meeting, Sunday School and/or worship service.

The candidate recommended by the Pulpit Search Committee will be presented to the congregation for a selection vote.

Michael Churchill, Ruling Elder. Cell Phone – 518 860-6762. E-mail – [email protected]

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