Student Ministries Pastor


Rock Point Church

Crawfordsville, Indiana

About the Organization:

Rock Point Church was initially established in the 1960s. Over the next several decades, the church moved locations and changed names, and in 1998, Pastor Terry and his wife Kelly moved to Crawfordsville, IN, and the church began a revitalization after finding itself with 20 attendees on any given week and in significant decline as a church overall.

Pastor Terry and Kelly committed themselves to helping the church grow and thrive again. In 2009, that dream to see a flourishing, vibrant church reaching Crawfordsville’s people came to reality, as they reached a new attendance number of 500 people, regularly maximizing church facilities and in desperate need of a change again – this time, one that was upward and outward in a strategic direction. In 2010, they moved to a new location and a new name – Rock Point Church.

Currently, they regularly average over 1000 people in weekend Sunday morning services and continue to strive towards their mission to reach the world for Christ, locally, nationally, and globally. As a church, they commit themselves regularly to excellence, high impact worship, relational evangelism and discipleship, intercessory prayer, selfless service, and teaching the authoritative Word of God. They are excited to live out these core values every day as they build relationships with people in anticipation of how God will grow his Kingdom through them.

About the Position:

The Student Ministries Pastor of Rock Point Church will lead the middle school and high school student ministries and research and implement the best practices for leading student ministries. This is a full-time staff position who will help develop, nurture, and build the student ministries to equip students to be lifelong followers of Jesus.

What We Are Searching For / Qualifications:

  • The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Student Ministries Pastor:
  • An undergraduate degree in an area of Biblical studies or similar is highly preferred.
  • Experience and training should be adequate and relevant to the position. The ideal candidate for Student Ministries Pastor at Rock Point Church should be able to teach God’s word to students. Prior experience as a Student Ministries Pastor in a church setting is preferred.
  • Be committed to holiness and developing a personal walk with God to model and lead others in their faith.
  • If married, love spouse as Christ loved the church. If a parent, discipline children to know God and love Him.
  • Possesses the character qualities listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • Able to use and communicate via social media and applicable technology.
  • Must be able to lead, have vision, organize and possess people skills.
  • Must agree with the Rock Point Church Confession of Faith and covenants outlined in the membership commitment of Rock Point Church.
  • Healthy family relationships – able to balance priorities between home and ministry.
  • Has a big vision for students and is excited about reaching and ministering to the population of Montgomery County for Christ.
  • Someone who is a team player and an equipper in their leadership.
  • Someone who handles the Word of God by seeing the big picture and acting on it.
  • Pursue professional, personal, and spiritual development.
  • A strong commitment to assisting the ministries of the church in fulfilling their mission and vision.
  • Energy and enthusiasm, particularly around students, yet able to exude a calming influence when needed.
  • Carry a posture of strength, approachability, and humility.
  • Strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ, guided by a commitment to following the principles spelled out in the Bible for living a life of thankful service to God.
  • A demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.
  • Doctrinal position that matches that of the Rock Point Church Family.

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