A Message from Jeremiah Ogazi



“Thank you so much for your love for the nations and your passion to see Christ exalted in my life. I am happy to announce that I made it through my first Minnesotan winter alive! The transformation from winter to spring is truly an illustration of the resurrection. I mention this to remind you that your support and generosity aren’t mere acts. They aren’t ordinary acts of kindness. Instead, they are illustrations to the reality of your hope and joy in Jesus.

My love for the nations has been expanded. There have been pleasant surprises. For instance, it took me traveling to America to meet Somalis, to learn that Americans also take dancing seriously at weddings, and of course that all Minnesotans are nice. More seriously, I am amazed at how communal the Bethlehem church is; its love for culture, its love for the nations, and its hospitality is infectious.”


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