Betsy Howard, Ph.D.



Assistant Professor of Literature

Dr. Howard obtained a doctorate in English from the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation is titled “The Labor of the Elegies in the long Nineteenth Century.” She earned an M.A. in English from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul in 2014. She graduated as Hillsdale College’s Valedictorian in 2010 with B.A.s in English, Religion, and Spanish. At Bethlehem, Howard has taught courses on Renaissance and Medieval Literature, Poetry, and Ancient Epics, as well as courses on rhetoric, grammar, and research writing. She also served as Bethlehem’s accreditation liaison during Bethlehem’s initial accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (2012-2014). Currently she is the faculty advisor for the Bethlehem student literary journal Artos.

Howard’s primary research interests include poetic adaptation and grief literature as well as classical and biblical reception in the long Nineteenth-century. She is a member of the North American Victorian Studies Association, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Society, Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, and the International Hopkins Society. Her work has appeared in various collections of essays and academic journals, including Victorian Poetry and Religion and the Arts.


Academic Credentials

  • B.A. (English, Religion, Spanish), Hillsdale College
  • M.A. (English), University of St. Thomas
  • Ph.D. (English), University of Minnesota