James McGlothlin, Ph.D.



Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology

James began teaching at Bethlehem College and Seminary in 2015 and became Associate Director of College Programs in 2020. He previously taught philosophy, logic, and ethics courses at The Ohio State University, Shawnee State University, Ohio Dominican University, Western Michigan University, and has taught apologetics online within an underground Chinese school.

James’s research interests have included philosophy of logic, philosophical theology, and the ethics and aesthetics of the theologian Jonathan Edwards. He is currently doing research on monsters and horror in relation to theology. James is also an avid reader of fiction and often posts book reviews at the science, fantasy, and horror fiction website Blackgate.com.

James is happily married to his loving and supporting wife, Cindy, since 1994.


Academic Credentials

  • B.A. (Theology), Baptist College of Florida
  • M.Div., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • M.A. (Philosophy), Western Michigan University
  • Ph.D. (Philosophy), The Ohio State University