Mackenzie Balken, Ph.D.


Adjunct Instructor of Literature

Mackenzie Balken teaches on the Great Books in the OMNIA and History of Ideas programs and serves as House Advisor for the House of Anne Dutton. She earned her Ph.D. in English Literature at Baylor University, where she studied nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and wrote her dissertation on orphaned characters in British and American literature of the early- to mid-twentieth century. When not reading, writing, or grading papers, she enjoys cooking, gardening, shoveling snow, going for long walks in green places, and talking about big ideas with anyone who is willing to engage. She and her husband live in Minneapolis.

Academic Credentials

  • B.A., Biola University (Humanities)
  • M.A., Trinity Western University (Interdisciplinary Humanities)
  • Ph.D., Baylor University (English Literature)