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Now, the Future: An Introduction to Eschatology attempts to acquaint students with the doctrine of the last things, especially as it concerns the relationship between the millennium and Christ’s Second Coming. Students will study four prominent millennial viewpoints (historic premillennialism, amillennialism, postmillennialism, and dispensational premillennialism) in an effort to clarify key interpretive issues and arrive at their own conclusions. In addition, students will examine such issues as the relationship between Israel and the church, the role of the Antichrist, the chronology of the Olivet Discourse, and Daniel’s seventy weeks. Finally, students will devote time to considering Revelation 20 and its implications for biblical eschatology. Throughout the course, students will learn by interacting with the biblical text, evaluating both ancient and modern authors, answering study questions, and participating in class discussion. In all of this, our goal is that students who take this course will learn to live wisely in the present age by anticipating Christ’s return with greater joy and understanding.

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