Theological Foundations 1


Theological Foundations I: Essentials of Christian Doctrine is a 12-week course designed to introduce students to a systematic treatment of theology, leading to both Christ-centered worship and the living-out of doctrinal truths. is course is an attempt to systemati- cally present what the Apostle Paul called “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Students will study biblical topics by closely examining key biblical passages, answering provocative questions, reading select passages from Wayne Grudem’s Systematic eol- ogy, considering sermons and writings from the ministry of John Piper, and inspecting Bethlehem Baptist Church’s Elder A rmation of Faith. e student’s learning will be solidi ed through class discussion and various homework assignments. is course is the rst of two semesters, progressing through roughly the rst half of a systematic theology, including the doctrines of Scripture, the Trinity, God’s sovereignty, election, creation, sin, Christology and soteriology.

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