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Theological Foundations II: Essentials of Christian Doctrine is a 12-week course designed to introduce students to a systematic treatment of theology, leading to both Christ-centered worship and the living-out of doctrinal truths. This course is an attempt to systematically present what the Apostle Paul called “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Students will study biblical topics by closely examining key biblical passages, answering provocative questions, reading select passages from Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, considering sermons and writings from the ministry of John Piper, and inspecting Bethlehem Baptist Church’s Elder Affirmation of Faith. The student’s learning will be solidified through class discussion and various homework assignments. This course is the second of two semesters, progressing through roughly the second half of a systematic theology, including the doctrines of justification, sanctification, the ordinances, last things, pnuematology and ecclesiology.

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